30 Mother of the Bride Hairstyles 2023

Let’s be honest about this, as much as it is important that the bride looks absolutely fabulous on her big day, it is also very important for the mother of the bride to feel every bit as special and beautiful. She’s letting go of her daughter forever — into adult life. Well, traditionally, that’s what it was always known as things aren’t quite as dramatic in this day and age as they once were.

If you are a MOB, also known as Mother of the Bride, and are looking for the perfect hairstyle for your daughter’s big day, you’ll find that these are beautiful, elegant, and perfect for pretty much every and any occasion. We hope you’re sitting comfortably because these 30 mother of the bride hairstyles 2023 deserve every bit of your attention.

1 – Elegantly Braided Mother of the Bride Hairstyles 2023

Do your research. The more mother of the bride hairstyles 2023 you look through, the more of an idea you will have of what you like. You’ll also get a very good idea of what you don’t like. If you sit down and discuss everything with the beautiful bride-to-be, there’s no doubt that you’ll manage to come up with something that you’ll both love.

30 Mother of the bride hairstyles 2023 20

2 – Half Up, Half Down Romantic Style

Half up and half down hair gives you the option of having the best of both worlds, having some pinned up for elegance and sophistication, the rest left to flow free in a romantic and almost bohemian style. You can really bring the theme of the wedding into the mix with a range of accessories. There’s no end to the ways you can make this look unique and personal.

30 Mother of the bride hairstyles 2023 22

3 – Red & Romantic

There are a number of things that might change your decision on a mother of the bride hairstyle. If you have a beautiful back feature on your dress or outfit, for example, you probably won’t want to cover it over by wearing your hair down and flowing long and free. If you have something to show off on the back of your dress, an exquisite updo might be the key to get your hair right, and we would definitely suggest something like this:

30 Mother of the bride hairstyles 2023 14

4 – Pinned-In Low Flying Bun

As much as you don’t want to upstage the bride on her big day, it is important that you feel beautiful too. Your hair should be beautiful — the kind of thing that makes you feel beautiful. There are so many styles to pick from, suiting a range of hair lengths, types, and even colours. You need to start somewhere though. What does make you feel beautiful?

30 Mother of the bride hairstyles 2023 11

5 – Lovely Mother of the Bride Hairstyles with Accessories

Accessories can bring a hairstyle to life, and that’s a rule that works in every occasion, not just weddings. This simple hair accessory has given this otherwise ‘everyday’ look a new lease of life. It has also made it a perfect candidate for mother of the bride hairstyles 2023.

30 Mother of the bride hairstyles 2023 6

6 – Perfect Undone Updo

Done up? Undone? Who knows? We do know that we love it though, and it’s definitely a great one for those mothers of the bride with relatively short hair. This shoulder length bob looks shorter because of the tight curling that has been added, teased out with fingers to give a more relaxed vibe. Throw a few twists and twirls into the mix and you really do have a hairstyle that would be perfect for a wedding day, no matter who you are within it.

30 Mother of the bride hairstyles 2023 17

7 – Crown of Braids MOB Hair

If you’re a Queen, you deserve a crown. Your little princess will be turning into a queen today, but we think it’s the mother of the bride who deserves to wear the crown, and a crown made out of braids no less. It’s simple, effective, and just like many of the other hairstyles you’ll find here, can be added to with flowers and other hair accessories to jazz and glam it up.

30 Mother of the bride hairstyles 2023 19

8 – Neatly Bunned

Hiring a professional to sort out your mother of the bride hairstyles 2023 is important. Firstly, there’s a good chance you’ll be quite limited as to the kind of things you can do to make your hair look nothing short of spectacular. Hairstylists have a number of tools at their disposal, as well as a wide range of knowledge best suited to the job. If you really don’t have a clue where to start, have a chat with a few hairstylists, or have a look online for some inspiration.

30 Mother of the bride hairstyles 2023 23

9 – Simple & with Volume

When it comes to picking the right hairstylist for your mother of the bride hairstyles 2023, make sure you do plenty of research. Every hairdresser will have their own area of expertise. Some will be good at braiding. Others will be good at sleek updos. Someone else might be really good with colours or curls. If you want an intricate updo for the big day, make sure you hire someone that has experience to do just that. You’ll want to hire someone that has exactly the right skills for the job.

30 Mother of the bride hairstyles 2023 21

10 – Classic Icy Grey Mother of the Bride Styles

You should most definitely have a trial run of the big day hair, especially if you’re going for something really complicated or intricate. Experts suggest that this trial run should be at least four weeks before the day, but no more than six or eight weeks. You should also make sure any hair cuts are done in plenty of time … Just in case something goes a little wrong.

30 Mother of the bride hairstyles 2023 24

11 – Fishtail Messy Braid

Without that cute fishtail braid in this look, it would just be another messy hair day, locks thrown back in a haphazard fashion. The braid adds something new, and once you’ve mastered the art of it, is a look that can be completed in just a few minutes. Fishtail that thin strip of hair, pull the litlte sections out to make it a more roughed-up, and then mix it in with the rest of the hair. It gives you a really cute and simple way to wear your hair on the big day.

30 Mother of the bride hairstyles 2023 27

12 – Fantastically Folded

You may find that you need to go through a number of different sittings before you finally agree on a look that you actually love. That’s the thing about picking something from a picture alone — sometimes it doesn’t turn out quite the way you had hoped, either because of the type of hair you have, or length. It always pays to have a couple of play-around sittings before you make any final decisions. At least then you’ll have a good idea of what types of mother of the bride hairstyles 2023 your hair will actually allow for.

30 Mother of the bride hairstyles 2023 18

13 – Elegant Momma’s French Twist

Chignon-style or French twist mother of the bride looks are effortlessly timeless, and elegant too. This makes them perfect for the more mature mother of the bride, and also for those who have shorter lengths too. You can still leave relaxed tendrils flowing free should you want to, and you can also throw in accessories, such as flowers, to really bring the look to life.

30 Mother of the bride hairstyles 2023 16

14 – Hollywood Glam Curls

If your makeup artist has worked magic on your face, you’re not going to want to cover it all up with lots of tendrils of hair and sweeping bangs. That’s another thing that will change the final decision of your hair — what kind of makeup you have, and what features of your face you’d like to show off. If you’ve got killer eyes, what’s the point in covering them with your long hair?

30 Mother of the bride hairstyles 2023 13

15 – Princess-Inspired Mother of the Bride Hair

Prepping your hair before the big day is vital, and this applies to any event. Whether you’re the bride, the mother of the bride, a bridesmaid, or you just want to look your best for a work colleague or acquaintance’s wedding, the prep work must be done, and this often involves lots of conditioning treatments. Avoid dyeing your hair for a while before the event, and make sure you’re taking care of your locks. Don’t wash it everyday. Don’t be really rough with it, or use too many heated styling tools. Take care of your hair and your hair will take care of you by the time the big day comes around.

30 Mother of the bride hairstyles 2023 10

16 – Touseled & Accessorized

You don’t need lots of styling products to slay a look like this one. Some sea salt spray will often give you the crunchy waves you need to structure the look, and a few pins will also help out, of course. Throw a touch of hairspray into the mix so you know your do’ will stand the test of time … or just for the big day, obviously.

30 Mother of the bride hairstyles 2023 7

17 – 50s Inspired Mother of the Bride Hair

Are you feeling all the fifties vibes for your big day? This fifties-inspired hair is a definite inspiration look to take into consideration, and just like many of the others we’re showing you in this list, it can be customised and tweaked to better suit you and your needs.

30 Mother of the bride hairstyles 2023 5

18 – Pulled Out & Romantic

If it’s romance you want, it’s romance you’ll get with a look as pretty as this mother of the bride hair. Slightly pulled out, but not too messy, it’s the perfect hair to go with a stunning mother of the bride outfit, and with the right kind of accessories, could leave you sparkling almost as bright as the bride herself. Almost … It’s brave to try and upstage her entirely!

30 Mother of the bride hairstyles 2023 12

19 – A Little Vintage, A Lot Glam

A look that’s a little vintage, a lot elegant, and definitely glam, things are kept nice and simple, allowing the colours and tones of the hair itself to speak, rather than a complicated updo. If you’ve got a colour job to ‘dye’ for (and yes, we meant the pun), a look like this one would really help you to show it off.

30 Mother of the bride hairstyles 2023 9

20 – Doubled Up & Bouffant

A hair piece will help you to get that volume in the roots that you’ll need for this look, but you don’t need to resort to fake hair in order to get a look that has plenty of bounce. Adding heated rollers to the roots and letting them to cool as you get ready on the rest of your look will help, as will backcombing. You may need to put in some prep work yourself for the big day, however, and you should ask your stylist what is expected of you. Some looks, for example, work better on hair that has NOT been recently washed.

30 Mother of the bride hairstyles 2023 8

21 – Pinned Back Ringlets MOB Hair

Add some ringlets, pull some back, and add a grip … That’s pretty much how simple this look is, one that gives you hair up and hair down, all at the same time. Sometimes the simplest of looks can have the biggest of impacts, and when your outfit and makeup rocks, you don’t need your hair to do the shouting for you.

30 Mother of the bride hairstyles 2023 4

22 – Embellished Chic Chignon

Hairstyles that are upswept like this one work to bring a timeless look to the occasion and a little hair accessory will stop the look from coming across as too sleek and simple. It’s also well suited for the more mature woman, mostly because older women tend to keep their hair a bit shorter. Just because you have shorter hair, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t play around with elegance, just like this look here.

30 Mother of the bride hairstyles 2023 15

23 – Simple Yet Bold Mother of the Bride Hair

A cute look like this one will make sure that you stand out, but without upstaging the bride. You know when won’t be happy with that. Sometimes you don’t need lots of muss and fuss in order to make a big statement. This simple look is refreshing and beautiful, really making the use of the long length cleverly.

30 Mother of the bride hairstyles 2023 21

24 – Pretty & Pinned In MOB Hair

Ponytails are often considered to be too ‘every-day’ for a wedding day look, but as this mother of the bride look shows, it can be worn with elegance and grace when it has been performed the right way. Curls and backcombing can help to add volume on fine and thin hair, and you even use extra hair pieces to bring the look to life. Pin things back once you’ve tied them, and you might just end up with something super cute and fancy, just like this.

30 Mother of the bride hairstyles 2023 3

25 – Cute Ringlet Style

If you usually rock your hair straight, how about adding some curls for a mother of the bride style that ‘ll make you feel a million dollars. Going for something totally out of the norm for what you’d usually pick is a great way to really make your ‘do special. We love this cute, ringlet look, but what are your thoughts on it?

30 Mother of the bride hairstyles 2023 22

26 – Bold & Bulky MOB Styles

When all else fails, go for something really simple and then pull it out all again. You’d be amazed at how useful that simple trick is to know, giving you two ways to wear exactly the same look. If something doesn’t look quite right neat and sleek, give it a rough-up for a new look that doesn’t really take any extra time at all.

30 Mother of the bride hairstyles 2023 25

27 – Fishtail Bun & Stars Mother of the Bride Hair

If you want something sweet and simple, opt for something sweet and simple, such as this braided bun. Then add accessories to match the theme of the big day and you have something that allows you to show off your makeup and whatever fabulous jewelry you’re rocking for the big event.

30 Mother of the bride hairstyles 2023 2

28 – Messy Fishtail Bun Mother of the Bride Hairstyles 2023

Fishtails braids are much easier than you’d think to recreate, using four strips of hair rather than the three that you would traditionally use for your braided designs. Braiding various sections of the hair before pinning it all back together at the nape of the neck is a look that could easily suit many different occasions. We think it would also make the perfect finishing touch to a mother of the bride with medium to long hair.

30 Mother of the bride hairstyles 2023 26

29 – Messy Pinned Hair

Messy hair is generally considered to be modern and trendy, combining a punk edge with boho beauty. If the bride has chosen a relaxed and comfortable feel for her big day, this mother of the bride style would suit it perfectly, a look that can work for a wide range of hair lengths. The twirls and twists can easily be customised, and a few hidden pins are what holds it all together.

30 Mother of the bride hairstyles 2023 23

30 – Classic Mother of the Bride Updo

Whether you have thick hair or thin hair, easy to manage hair or flyaway hair, the chignon based hairstyle is a definite winner. It doesn’t require too much in the form of pinning and hairspring if you work some dry shampoo and backcombing into the mix before you start designing the style. It’s one of those looks that is generally considered to be universally flattering and is definitely an elegant safe option.

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