Aquarius Traits

The Water Bearer Aquarius is always light years ahead of its time; it is ever changing like ripples of water and longs for novelty and creativity.  They have both negative and positive traits such as:


Humanitarian and Friendly:

Aquarians are known to be the humanitarians of the Zodiacs; the Aquarians are full of charitable energy and spirit of giving. They like to make this world a better place to live for everybody in it. They always extend a helping hand, their hearts bleed when they see injustices and atrocities and people suffering around them. They want to take the pains away, from their loved ones.

Inventive, creative and Modern:

Aquarians are quite interactive individuals. They are very broad minded and creative people who are true researchers and honest truth seekers. They are full of veracity and investigative spirit. They have an aura of novelty around them, and like to invent new and innovative things.



Amiable and Friendly:

Aquarians do have a tendency, to make new friends and meet new people. Aquarians are quite popular people in their circles. They have a magnetic charisma around them, they have many friends but in fact, they have innumerable acquaintances and very few friends.

Lively Loyal and Honest:

Aquarians are extremely lively individuals; they are live wires and have a pleasant and adorable personality. They would rather be honest than fake and superficial.

Original and Blunt:

Aquarians are legitimate individuals; they are full of spirit and enthusiasm. They exhibit candour, zeal and candidness in their attitude. They are often out spoken and blunt and would prefer a direct approach, rather than confusions and ambiguity. They are honest to the core and are not afraid of biting the bullet.

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Trying to Be Different:

Aquarians are born to be different, they are like chameleons, and they are bored with tedious and routine things. Aquarians demand change, and go to great measures, to bring about that change in their life style.



Aquarians lack consistency; they need to bring more stability in their life styles. It is the main reason they tend to lose out on major projects, because they just cannot stay focused for too long, due to their demand for change.


One quality that stands out about Aquarians is that, they are often very close and extremely detached at the same time. They might seem very close knit, but do lean to deviate in their spirit and tend to look emotionally detached.

Rebellious and Chaotic:

Aquarians might just be rebels without any particular cause, they just don’t want to follow the norm of the day, and they want to be different and unique.

Unpredictable and Inefficient:

Aquarians tend to get very unpredictable and moody, so sometimes they cannot fulfil their obligations and end up being in efficient and clumsy.