30 Teen Date Ideas

It can be challenging coming up with new teen date ideas so we have compiled a great list of fun stuff for a teen couple to try. The first half are very inexpensive and the second half are probably just a little bit more. Hopefully these fun ideas will inspire you in your relationship and you’ll have a great time!

teen date ideas

Go For A Bike Ride

Keep it simple and enjoy the fresh air on a bike ride. If you don’t have bikes maybe find some to borrow. Find a scenic place that has a designated bike lane or a trail because riding on the road can be stressful and dangerous. Remember to bring something to drink and snack on and of course, don’t forget the camera!

teen date ideas

Watch The Sunset

Meeting up to watch the sunset is romantic activity that can help you relax and unwind after a tough day at school. Also, the next time you see the sunset, you’ll think of each other. This is a great excuse to be alone and have a special moment. Find a high vantage point so you can get the best view and snap some cool silhouette pictures.

Swap Goods At Thrift Stores

It’s fun to collect the clothes you don’t wear anymore and stuff around the garage collecting dust and drop it at thrift store like the Goodwill or Salvation army. Some vintage stores will let you sell your clothes to them and you can use the money for new used clothes and be eco-friendly in the process. This is fun to do as a date or even a double date! You can even have a photo shoot in ridiculous outfits and post them online.

Pack A Picnic

Sometimes keeping things really simple and getting away from the crowds is the perfect way to get to know each other. So pack a meal, grab a blanket or two and find a park where you can relax and maybe toss a frisbee. If you are stumped on what to bring, you can’t go wrong with fruit, cheese, nuts and iced lattes!

teen date ideas

Plan An Awesome Hike

You could do this with other friends or just the two of you. It’s a great way to get some sunshine outside of the classroom and you’ll have plenty of time to get to know each other. Hiking to a waterfall or a historic destination is usually more fun than a loop. Make sure you figure out how long the hike will last so you’re not stuck out after dark and bring water and snacks. Make sure you bring layers so you can enjoy the hike and not get too hot or too cold. Dress appropriately!

teen date ideas

Try A Free Online Yoga Class

Youtube has lots of full length and fun yoga classes you could do on your porch in move the furniture in the living room. Yoga also helps your brain function better for school and can be a great regular hobby for couples. You could also go to a local studio for the real experience. You may want to look up the type of class you are thinking of taking because some classes are slow and some are faster. Acro yoga is another fun thing to do together and there are plenty of things you can try on Instagram.

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teen date ideas

Coffee Lounge Book Night

Find a hip coffee lounge with some good music and comfy chairs, grab a book and make a night of it. Reading together can help build a strong bond because you’ll be able to hang out and relax instead of always talking or being active. Reading can improve your test scores! This is a great thing to do in a small group too. If you want to make this a regular thing you can swap books or read a trilogy. You could even start a book club with your friends.

Movie Party

Why not invite another couple over for a double date movie night? You might be able to get your hands on a projector and hand a sheet outside if it’s warm! Just be careful not to disturb the neighbors. A movie marathon like watching all the Lord of The Rings on a rainy day is super fun too. Don’t forget the popcorn and maybe make some hot tea for people to cozy up with. Don’t worry, popcorn, tea and movies are all very cheap.

House Crawl

This can be a fun way to eat your way through different people’s houses. Each house can prepare one part of a meal like appetizers, salad, entree and dessert and you and some friends can go to each person’s house sequentially. If you want to do this on a budget, have one person do fun drinks like smoothies or green tea lattes, the next person do finger foods and the last person do dessert. You can get as simple or fancy as you want with it.


Cook Dinner for Friends

Cooking a special dinner for your friends and decorating for the occasion can be fun. If you make it a formal affair, it brings an extra element of class as well. It could become a regular thing. As a teen couple it’s great to have a few other couples you can hang out with and try not to leave your single friends out either, make them feel involved. You can make it a theme dinner like luau, fiesta or country and coordinate music that goes along with it.

teen date ideas

Have A Fire

Maybe you can track down a fire pit or build one out of bricks. Outdoor fires are great especially if one of your friends plays a guitar. Fires are romantic and different and very inexpensive. Try making some s’mores too if you want! If you don’t have a way to make an outdoor fire, indoor fires are fun too. As a last resort get a fire loop video and put it on your tv screen or computer and sit on a blanket with some good music playing. You can always improvise!

teen date ideas

Visit A Local Festival

Look up local festivals online and you may be surprised what interesting things happen in your area. There might be a street performers festival, a food festival, an art, theater or yoga festival. Festivals are fun and different and some are free! There is a lot to do at festivals. Usually there will be great food, live performances, things to buy and things you can learn about. If either of you are really into a certain hobby, look for festivals related to that hobby and you’ll meet lots of like minded people.

Visit An Art Gallery

Art galleries offer unique ways of looking at the world that bring up great deep conversations. Holding hands and walking around an art gallery can be the perfect teen date. You can try seeing one art gallery each week for a month to see the variety of art in your area and get to know some local artists. Try seeing four different types of art like sculptures, modern art, European art and mixed media. You’ll find many opportunities to snap cute photos and make sure you get some of the two of you.

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Find An Open Mic Night

Often coffee shops will host open mic nights where people read poetry and sing songs. It is usually a relaxed and fun atmosphere that you can sit next to each other at and have a great time. The two of you could even host an open mic night for your friends by creating a Facebook event or promoting it on Instagram. This can encourage you all to be artistic and you’ll find hidden talented entertainers in your group. Your friends will really appreciate it too. String some Christmas lights in a garage and make some seating and you have your own open mic night!

Make DIY Products

It can be really fun to wow your parents and friends by making your own lotion, toothpaste, deodorant or chapstick at home. The ingredients are cheap and it actually is a great habit to get into long-term for your skin health. Play some fun music and be a scientist! You can look up videos on YouTube or recipes on Pinterest. The ingredients are simple and really cheap and you may find most of the ingredients around the house. You can make them as gifts for each other, your parents or friends.

Host a Painting Night

Double dates are a fun way to do something fun and different besides sitting on the couch watching a movie. You can host a bring your own art supplies painting party and get creative. It will save money to have people bring their own supplies too. You could also make it a drawing night with charcoal, colored sharpies or colored pencils and create an award for the best drawing.


Take A Circus Class

A fun way to get goofy and have fun is taking a circus class. You can try trapeze, handstands, aerial silks and all sorts of fun classes. This is a great activity for teen couples and it builds confidence when you get upside down! Find out what the mystery of the circus feels like and get some quality time together at the same time. It’s great to not be afraid to embarrass yourself in front of each other and you’ll be so exhausted afterwards you may want to cuddle on the couch and catch up on your favorite tv shows with some ice packs for your sore muscles.

Museum Day

Educational dates can be really mentally stimulating and a great use of your time. If you’re always at home hanging out the couch, you can easily run out the things to talk about. Going out and learning about the world can strengthen your relationship. You may be surprised that you can find really interesting museums like surfing museums, rock music museums and movie museums. Find the ones that are really interesting and visit a few of them.

Go Pottery Painting

Pottery painting places are pretty common these days. Painting pottery can be really fun and you can customize something for each other. It’s usually a pretty cheap date idea too. You might also want to try throwing pottery which is slightly more difficult but you can learn how to make your own shapes and really customize things. You could make each other coffee mugs or piggy banks to save for a fun trip.

Take A Cooking Class

Chances are if you’re a teenager, you probably don’t know much about cooking. Boosting your cooking skills will benefit you for the rest of your life and it’s a great bonding experience. There are so many different types of cooking classes out there too so you can do this many times and get better at it!

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Find An Interesting Seminar To Attend

When you find a book author of influential speaker that is coming to town to talk, it can be really fun to go with together and listen about their research or ideas. Finding mentors together can really help you be on the same page and have interesting conversations.

Go See A Play

A really great play can be even more invigorating than a great movie. Going to the theatre and supporting the arts shows you are a forward thinking couple and helps you grapple with the deeper questions of life. And hey you get to hold hands in the theatre. Try seeing different types of performances like one man shows, musicals, comedies and tragedies to see what you like the most.

Go To A Concert

Concerts are a great way to spend your time together. Music is uplifting and can inspire you value and appreciate each other. Concerts are a great break from homework and studying so why not check out who is playing in your town soon and get some tickets.

Go To a Live Comedy Hour

This is just good clean fun and can be a great double date idea. Comedy is great soul food and can help teens stay motivated and positive about life. It’s a great date idea and usually not to expensive. You can also look for a local improv comedy group where they come up with things on the spot and have no problem acting like a fool. You can’t be in a bad mood after this date!

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand up paddle boarding is a fun way to test your balance and get some sun. It’s a fun activity for all ages and if you like it you could maybe get your own board and train to enter into a race. You will have so much fun trying this with your date and maybe go for a juice or smoothie afterwards. If you fall in the water, you might need to make it a hot tea. You won’t necessarily fall in the water but don’t bring your cell phone or keys with you in case you do!

Go To A Sports Game

Going to a high school, college or pro sports game can be a great date idea for teens. You will be surrounded by cheering fans and inundated by cheap hot dogs. If you like to eat healthy, pack snacks so you’re not tempted by the funnel cakes! Hockey, basketball, football, baseball, volleyball and other sports are all fun to watch and you can cheer on your friends together.

Charity Events

The more you stay involved in the community as a couple, the better. If you can find some local charity events to help out with or attend, it can make you feel like you’re giving back and help bring you closer together in a positive way. Check out women’s shelters, homeless centers and charities for the disabled for ideas.

Volunteer at an Animal Shelter or Trash Pickup Day

If you like volunteering, you two can have a great date raking leaves or cleaning up your local beach. Maybe contact a local animal shelter and ask to help out once a month. Doing this that help people together will definitely bring you closer together and build great habits that set a good example for your peers.

Try A New Type of Food

Teenagers can’t live on pizza and cookies alone. Get out and experience something new like sushi, Jamaican food or Moroccan food! There are so many fun and excited differences developed in foods over time, you can’t miss out on experiencing them all. Check out reviews on yelp and have a fun night out.

Karaoke Night

I understand some people are shy when it comes to singing but this can help you come out of your shell. You can also buy a cheap karaoke machine and invite friends over for a karaoke party. If you really want to laugh, invite their parents and you’ll enjoy how serious the old folks get with songs you’ve probably never heard.

Hopefully these ideas have given you some great teen date ideas that will lead to lots of laughs and fun pictures. Remember it’s important to spend time with friends and not spend all your time together if you want the relationship to work. Share these inexpensive ideas with your friends so they can have great dates too!