How to Flirt With a Guy in Middle School

If there is a certain guy that catches you eye and you’re in middle school, here are some fun ways to get his attention and see if he likes you back! Remember, it’s important that you hang out with him in groups with other friends so you can see if he’s nice and if his friends are nice. While you’re not going to have a serious boyfriend in middle school, you still may develop a crush and it’s ok to be friends with them.

Don’t worry if you’re kind of shy, you don’t have to do anything scary to get a guy to notice you. If you’re not the most outgoing person in school, you will make friends with guys who don’t want to hang out with the loud girls. Also, remember to listen to him when you guys are chatting because no one wants to just hear about the other person all the time. The best way to talk to a guy is to ask him questions about what he likes and give him a few nice compliments too!


Have Fun Being Stylish

flirt being stylish

You can have fun being a girl by wearing fun colors and changing your hair style. Guys aren’t impressed by way too much makeup so don’t worry about begging your mom to buy you some. Accessories can be fun though! Just be yourself and if you feel fabulous, a guy will probably notice you.


Invite Him To A School Sports Game

See if he’s going to a game and tell him to find you at the game. You will be able to talk to him during the game but it won’t be too awkward in case you don’t have anything to say since there’s a game going on. If you’re too nervous to invite him, go with your friends and you can all sit together.


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Write Him Notes

How to Flirt With a Guy in Middle School

Even though lots of kids are carrying cell phones these days, a fun note can still get his attention. You can give it to him yourself or have a friend you trust pass it to him. Just make sure you don’t pass notes in class and get him in trouble!


Give Him Your Phone Number

flirt middle school

Not everyone in middle school has a phone but it is pretty common now. If you don’t have a cell phone you can give him your home number so he can call you. If you both have cell phones you may also be able to text. Let him text or call you first so you can tell if he’s interested! Let him show you he likes you so you will feel more sure about it.

Sit By Him When You Can

Whether it’s at lunch, during class, on the bus, or at a sports game, you can offer him a spot next to you. Say it with a smile and if he’s shy he might not take it but that’s ok. You can also save him a seat when you can which will give him the hint that you like him.


Ask Him What His Favorite Movies Are

If you don’t know what to talk about you can always ask him what his favorite movies are. You could even tell him which celebrity he reminds you of. Who knows, maybe you or one of your friends can have a group over to watch a movie and you can invite him! Movies are always fun and will make good memories. You can share your popcorn with him too!


Invite Him To Your Birthday or Holiday Parties

Birthday parties can be a lot of fun and so can Halloween or Christmas parties. If you are having a party, make sure you invite him and wear something you really like! When you feel comfortable, you will be more laid back around him and he won’t feel like you’re being fake. It’s pretty easy to tell when someone’s being fake and if he doesn’t like the real you, it’s just not a great match. Don’t take it personal.

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Ask Him To Play A Sport With You After School

If you know he plays basketball, ask him if he wants to play at a park after school. Try not to beat him terribly if you’re better than him. Just play to have fun not to make him feel bad about himself.


Go Swimming

flirt swimming

If it’s warm out and you know of a good place to go swimming, ask him if he wants to go. Maybe it’s an indoor pool with a diving board which would also be fun!


Bake For Him

If you ask him what his favorite dessert is, you can surprise him and make it for him! They say the way to a boys heart is through his stomach and he will get the hint that you like him when you do something nice for him.


Cheer Him On At His Game

flirt sport

If he plays a sport, maybe ask a few friends to go to the game with you and cheer him on. You can make a sign for the team and wear the team’s colors. If he doesn’t play sports, maybe you can see a play he is in or invite him to see a school play with you. But Don’t go over the top with cheering for him so he feels embarrassed!


Make Him Art

You can make him something sentimental that he can keep in his room. Maybe try painting, drawing or painting ceramics. You could make a heart or something that will remind him to smile and be happy.

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Always Have a Smile  

flirt guy middle school

Guys like to be around happy girls because they enjoy their company. If you like to tell jokes or just goof around that’s great. Try to be as happy as you can and don’t bring up things you are sad about or complain about ANYTHING. You also shouldn’t talk bad about other people to him because that just makes you look like a gossiper! Talk about what you love and what you’re grateful for.


Let Him Come To You

flirt come to you

Guys don’t need to be chased and often they like to feel like they’re fighting for you. You don’t have to start all the conversations. Maybe give him a smile or make sure he knows you’re looking at him and let him approach you. If he likes you, he will! If he doesn’t like you that’s ok, he’s not the only boy you will have a crush on, you’re only in middle school.

Remember, you’re not in any rush to have a boyfriend but it’s totally fine to have a crush on someone. You can talk to your parents about him so they know what’s going on in your life and maybe they will help you get to see him outside of school too. Every parents has their own rules about what age is appropriate for a girl to have a boyfriend so make sure you talk to them about it. In the mean time, just be a great friend and be as nice as you can! You have a great life ahead of you and while you’re in middle school just focus on having fun, being a good friend and being a good student. If a guy doesn’t like you back, don’t worry about it, there are plenty more!