Golden Globes 2018: The Best Celebrity Beauty Looks on the Red Carpet

With celebs donning black to protest sexual misconduct, this year's Golden Globes were historic—and hopefully the beginning of real change in Hollywood and beyond!

As you may have noticed, some publications decided to not to comment on the outfits because, as The Cut pointed out, “to rank red-carpet looks is to say, Activism looks good on you. Or worse, It doesn't.”

I get their point, but I also feel strongly that we can support an important cause and ALSO be interested in all the style and the glamour. The two aren't mutually exclusive! For me, red carpet events have always been about appreciating the artistry behind the looks, and taking inspiration for our everyday beauty routines.

And there's plenty of that below. Thanks to the dress code, the hair and makeup teams had a lot more room to express their creativity. Here are all the looks you need to see:

Emilia Clarke

What I like: Emilia's fresh pink lipstick and matching blush. While I'm not crazy about her new blonde, she looks far from washed-out in this makeup. I also love her straight lob and darker brows. What I'd change: Nothing. I'll wait patiently for her return to brunette!

Zoë Kravitz

What I like: Zoë's sunny lipstick, full brows, kitten eyes and adorable freckles. I thought her Emmys look was gorgeous, but this is next level! She really suits this pixie cut, and as always, the makeup is so seamless. What I'd change: Nothing.

Zoë is wearing: Lipstick in 12 Red Tribe

Mandy Moore

What I like: Mandy's matte orange lipstick, flawless skin and centre-parted updo. Bright, clean beauty looks like this are always my favourite on her! What I'd change: Nothing. 

Mandy is wearing: Face mask • Moisturizer • Primer • Foundation in 5 Tan • Foundation in 5 Medium • Contour liquid • Contour and highlighting powder • Blush in Ecstasy • Powder in 2 Medium • Eyeshadow in Golden Quartz • Eyeshadow in The Dolce Vita • Mascara in Glossy Black • Lipstick in Walk of Fame

Margot Robbie

What I like: Margot's sculpted raspberry lips—achieved with not just one lipstick, but three! I also like her natural lashes and the soft, modern take on vintage waves. What I'd change: Nothing.

Margot is wearing: Face mask (applied with roller) • Face mist • Eye treatment • Moisturizer • Bronzer • Blush in Élégance • Lip balm • Lipstick in 438 Suzanne • Lipstick in 40 La Sensuelle (outer edges of lips) • Lipstick in 50 La Romanesque (centre of lips) • Body bronzer

Kerry Washington

What I like: Kerry's liner—both the amazing electric purple colour, and the way it's been applied all the way around her eyes, with cat-eye flicks. It's complemented well by subdued lip gloss, edgy waves and of course, her beautiful skin. What I'd change: I always say this, but I'd prefer more natural lashes, blended lip liner and feathery brow strokes.

Kerry is wearing: Moisturizer • Tinted moisturizer in Cocoa • Concealer in Deep • Blush in Vibrant • Eyeshadow in Cool Plum • Eyeliner in Cosmic Black • Mascara in Black • Lip gloss in Soft Mulberry

Madeline Brewer

What I like: Madeline's warm, reddish eyeshadow. The way it's sculpting her creases is gorgeous—and it echoes her amazing hair colour! Red lipstick keeps the monochromatic effect going. I also love her skin, brows and lashes. What I'd change: Nothing. (This was one of my favourites of the night!)

Dakota Johnson

What I like: Dakota's bangs are back! They're always best on her, especially with this casual ponytail and minimal makeup. (Here's what she looked like last time we saw her, without the fringe. And her hair was darker.) This time, long lashes are the focus, with a lovely rose lipstick. What I'd change: Nothing.

Gal Gadot

What I like: Gal's perfect skin, creamy berry-red lips and groomed but natural brows. Notice how her updo has some height at the top. The effect is all very chic! What I'd change: Nothing. (I don't mind the lashes.)

Gal is wearing: Eyeliner in Onyx • Lipstick in Bombshell Red

Emma Stone

What I like: Emma has returned to strawberry hair, a.k.a. her “Life Colour”! (Last time we saw her, she had a solid light blonde.) I like the way the smoky shadow is shaped to work with her hooded eyes. What I'd change: This rarely happens, but I'm not feeling this makeup! I don't like the cool-toned purple lipstick on her, and with the eye makeup (and “safe” hair and jewellery), it seems heavy and dated.

Emma is wearing: Foundation • Bronzer in Laguna • Eyeshadow in Glass Tears • Lipstick in Dominque (on cheeks and lips)

Angelina Jolie

What I like: Angelina's amazing almond-shaped eyes, which are enhanced by black liner and subtle shading. She's not wearing any colour, but her features (especially her lips!) stand out regardless. What I'd change: I think a lighter hair colour, like the one she had here, would be softer (and would match her brows better). While I think she can pull off false lashes, this pair is too extreme. 

Tracee Ellis Ross

What I like: Tracee's turban (!!) with heavy black liner and matte red lipstick. Usually a strong eye with a strong lip is against the “rules,” but this looks fabulous on her! I appreciate the natural skin and lashes, too. What I'd change: Nothing.

Tracee is wearing: Face oil • Moisturizer • Foundation in 70 Beige • Blush in 89 Canaille • Powder in 40 dore • Brow powder in 40 Naturel • Eyeliner in 65 Hyperblack • Mascara in 10 Noir • Lip liner in 98 Séduction • Lipstick in No. 2

Reese Witherspoon

What I like: Reese's simple, side-parted straight hair. I like that she tried out the pink eyeshadow trend with a matching pink lipstick. The texture of her lashes is good! What I'd change: I feel like she could've gone bolder here, like she did at the Emmys.

Reese is wearing: Face mist • Serum • Moisturizer • Foundation in Beige • Blush in Pink • Eyeshadow in You Had Me at Merlot (matte pink shade) • Eyeshadow in Not So Nude (rich taupe shade) • Mascara in Stunning Black • Lipstick in Sweet Pink

Alexis Bledel

What I like: Alexis' neat hairstyle, flushed cheeks and berry lipstick. Her features are so delicate, I think it was the right choice to go super-subtle on the eye makeup. What I'd change: I'd do less powder and more skin prep—she looks quite dry.

Alexis is wearing: Lipstick in 600 Front Row

Jessica Biel

What I like: Jessica's Barbie-pink lipstick and subtly winged eyeshadow. Her hair is a lot cooler from the side; it's actually in a low ponytail wound with black thread. What I'd change: I'm not crazy about her hair from the front.

Jessica is wearing: Moisturizer • Face oil • Eye treatment • Eye cream • Foundation in 30 Beige • Powder in 21 Beige • Illuminator in Or Blanc • Contour powder in No. 40 • Blush in 64 Pink Explosion • Eyeshadow in 288 Road Movie • Eyeliner in 932 Mat Taupe • Mascara in 10 Noir (upper lashes) • Mascara in 97 Brun Profond (lower lashes) • Brow pencil in 806 Blond Tendre • Brow mascara in 350 Transparent • Lip liner in 70 Sonic Pink • Lipstick in 42 L'Éclatante • Body bronzer

Penélope Cruz

What I like: Penélope's copper eyeshadow and black liner, all the way around her eyes. She has amazing brows, and I love that we can always see the cute freckles on her nose. Does she ever age?! What I'd change: I'd go softer on the blush and blur the edges of the lipstick. 

Dove Cameron

What I like: Dove's wavy lob—it's a fresh update from the long style she had as a Disney star. This is another example of the new winged shadow trend, and I think she carries the false lashes well. The tawny lipstick is a welcome change from pale nude. What I'd change: Nothing, but if you're curious, I did her Before & After!

Dove is wearing: Foundation

Michelle Williams

What I like: Michelle's “you, only better” makeup. Okay, it's not as exciting without the black ribbon, but I get it. With her super-fair colouring and platinum hair, not to mention hooded eyelids, it would be so easy for the makeup to look harsh—this doesn't! What I'd change: It's a minor thing, but the brow pencil is slightly red.

Michelle is wearing: Primer • Foundation in 010 Ivory • Concealer in 010 Ivory • Blush in 943 My Rose • Brow pencil in 011 Light Brown • Eye primer • Eyeshadow in 667 Flirt • Mascara in 090 Pro Black • Lipstick in 169 Grege 1947 • Tinted lip balm in 001 Pink Glow

Emma Watson

What I like: Emma's cute baby bangs, matte red lips and straight brows. Oh, and her natural lashes and skin finish, too! (My freckle obsession continues….) Notice the “kitten” liner, which is subtler than a traditional cat eye. What I'd change: Nothing.

Jamie Chung

What I like: Jamie's red lips and strong brows, with straight hair tucked behind both ears. A very classic look, but it's great on her! What I'd change: Nothing. (I think the lashes are okay here.)

Katherine Langford

What I like: Katherine's shimmering grey smoky eyes with pretty pink lips and cheeks. I'm equally impressed with her hair, a more current take on the traditional side-swept style. She fastened it with a bunch of star pins! What I'd change: Nothing.

Katherine is wearing: Lip crayon in Sedona Sands • Lipstick in Suede Splash

Alicia Vikander

What I like: Alicia's low bun, winged-out skinny liner—and seriously incredible skin! I think this was the perfect choice for the high neckline, and complements her natural beauty so well. What I'd change: Nothing.

Natalie Portman

What I like: Natalie's smudgy liner and natural lashes. It's nice to see her edge it up a bit… at least one feature! What I'd change: I feel like this is missing something. The bare lips and plain updo are a little boring with the black dress.

Saoirse Ronan

What I like: Saoirse's strong brows and soft blurred lips. I know the bleached hair won't be everyone's taste (it's still long, just in a braided chignon)… but I think it actually suits her more than her look two years ago. I like that this is more bare, and androgynous. What I'd change: The skin coverage on her lower face looks too yellow.

Saoirse is wearing: Moisturizer • Face oil • Eye cream • Foundation in 20 Beige • Powder in 10 Beige • Illuminator in Or Blanc • Contour in No. 40 • Blush in 418 Rosa Tempera • Eyeshadow in 822 Silver Screen • Eyeliner in 69 Clair • Mascara in 50 Nero Metallo • Brow pencil in 808 Brun Clair • Brow mascara in 350 Transparent • Lip liner in 34 Natural

Christina Hendricks

What I like: Christina's signature red hair and red lipstick. I never did understand why people say redheads can't wear red! I love the soft edges of the lipstick, the natural lashes, and the precise kitten liner. A face-framing updo loosens it all up. What I'd change: She looks a little injected, am I right?

Christina is wearing: Lipstick in Light My Fire

Amanda Peet

What I like: Amanda's flushed cheeks, glossy lips and simple updo. There are a few details that elevate this from looking too basic: the eyeliner in her lower waterlines, her naturally strong brows, and the dangly earrings. That and she's just so pretty! What I'd change: Nothing.

Kate Hudson

What I like: Kate's face-brightening lipstick, smooth skin and 1920s-inspired styling. I didn't like her short hair when I first saw it, but now that it's growing out a bit, it's kinda cute on her! She's really glowing here. What I'd change: Nothing.

Allison Williams

What I like: Allison's long but soft lashes, and feathered brows. Alas, just when I was singing the praises of her blonde hair, she went dark again! I do like her dark though, when it looks like this. What I'd change: These brown makeup tones don't suit her at all. I would've loosened up the hair.

Nicole Kidman

What I like: Nicole's pretty lip colour, flushed cheeks and wavy updo. Compared to her rock 'n' roll AMAs look, this is very romantic. What I'd change: Obviously, we all prefer her as a redhead, and I think she looks younger when her hair is less “done.” I also think her cheeks don't need to be quite so filled with Restylane!

Nicole is wearing: Moisturizer • Foundation in Natural Ivory • Concealer in Fair • Blush in Rosy • Eyeshadow in Soft Taupe • Eyeliner in Spiced Chocolate • Mascara in Black/Brown • Lip gloss in Pink Mocha

Alison Brie

What I like: Alison's bangs (they make her updo cuter), long lashes and sheer strawberry lipstick. She basically looks 12! What I'd change: It's a bit formal and princessy. I loved her in this bob, with more experimental makeup.

Claire Foy

What I like: Claire's defined lashes and super-precise red mouth. What I'd change: With the slicked hair and dry, powdery skin, this seems very severe… and dare I say it, aging. (She's only 33!)

Claire is wearing: Face oil • Moisturizer • Lip balm • Lipstick in Cerise

Heidi Klum

What I like: Heidi's glowing skin, black cat eyes and peach lipstick. She always looks great in an updo. What I'd change: I've been saying this for like, five years, but I don't understand her attachment to white eyeliner and bottom false lashes! I also think we're moving away from such deep spray tans, in favour of embracing one's natural skin tone.

Jessica Chastain

What I like: Jessica's red lips and gorgeous waves. (Yep, we can throw that redhead rule out the window!) The purplish shadow adds interest, and I'm glad she didn't go too bold on the brows (or lower lashes). What I'd change: Nothing.

Jessica is wearing: Lipstick in 104 Passion

America Ferrera

What I like: America's loose, fluffy, voluminous waves. Her skin is so gorgeous (she's pregnant right now), so a slick of sheer red lipstick is all she needs. What I'd change: Nothing.

Caitriona Balfe

What I like: Caitriona's slicked-down updo, natural skin and barely-there makeup—all you notice are the lashes and the pink lipstick. What I'd change: I'd go a couple levels lighter with the hair, to match her brows better.

Caitriona is wearing: Foundation • Concealer in 20 Beige Ivoire • Contour in 30 Bronzing • Blush in No. 22 • Eyeshadow in 254 Tissé d'Automne • Eyeliner in 88 Noir Intense • Mascara in 10 Noir • Lipstick in 397 Merry Rose

Kendall Jenner

What I like: Okay, skin issues aside, I genuinely do like Kendall's lob, and the tousling. Seeing a Jenndashian with acne (gasp!) does make her a little more relatable. What I'd change: We talked about this in her Before & After, but I still can't get over how people think she's the “natural” one. Her lips look bigger than ever here! 

Mariah Carey

What I like: Mariah may be stuck in the '00s, but you have to admit, she still looks great. (She's 47, by the way!) I'd keep the blonde waves and tweak the rest. What I'd change: My makeunder would involve swapping out the muddy rose tones for a more Rita Ora-esque colour palette. And please… say no to highlighting the tip of your nose! 

Who had your favourite beauty look on this red carpet?