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Diane Kruger is a German actress and is a professional fashion model as well. She is one of the best looking women in Hollywood and has played the role of the beautiful Dr. Abigail in the National Treasure series. Beyond doubt, this woman looks really good in the movies and can look quite beautiful in real life as well. This article will provide you with some of the best pictures of Diane, where she sports no makeup on her face. This woman can easily look attractive without sporting any sort of makeup on her face and still look quite alluring. Here are the top10 no makeup Diane Kruger moments.

1. Shockingly Beautiful:

Diane Kruger without makeup 1

Here, we have a really beautiful picture of Diane Kruger, which shows the natural beauty of this woman. She looks almost the same, when she puts on no makeup. The picture was taken while Diane was busy shopping and was quite surprised to see the paparazzi.

2. In White:

Diane Kruger without makeup 2

Diane Kruger was spotted wearing a casual white shirt as she was strolling the streets. There was no makeup on her face but still she was looking quite beautiful, even when she displayed her without makeup face.

3. The Flawless Beauty:

Diane Kruger without makeup 3

In this Diane Kruger without makeup picture, we can see this actress’s real face, where she takes off the makeup and looks really beautiful. This real face of Diane Kruger is so impressive that anyone can easily fall in love with her.

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4. Peeking out of The Car:

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Diane Kruger without makeup 4

This picture of smiling Diane Kruger was taken, while she was getting out of her car and saw the paparazzi and have them a comforting smile. Based on her age, her face is quite beautiful and she looks almost pretty to be called the most beautiful German woman in Hollywood.

5. Busy on The Phone:

Diane Kruger without makeup 5

This picture shows the real face of Diane Kruger, which was clicked while the German beauty was talking on the phone. This can be said to be one of the finest pictures of Diane without any makeup on her face.

6. Post Workout Routine:

Diane Kruger without Makeup 6

Diane was spotted grabbing a cup of coffee after completing her gym session. She displayed the no makeup and this is why, this picture can be termed as one of the most effective Diane Kruger no makeup pictures. She was wearing a casual blue full sleeve t-shirt and jeans.

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7. At The Cafe:

Diane Kruger without makeup 7

Diane Kruger was snapped at a cafe on a typical Monday morning. This woman was showing off her real face in front of the camera and managed to look impressive enough to gather all the attention when she entered the cafe. This is one of the best without makeup moments of Diane Kruger.

8. At The Grocery Store:

Diane Kruger without Makeup 8

Diane was seen at the grocery shop sporting a simple outfit. Those who know her close has revealed a really cool fact about her that she likes to live simple lifestyle, when she is not working.

9. At The Airport:

Diane Kruger without makeup 9

Diane Kruger was spotted at the airport displaying her totally makeup-free face. She was sporting a black t-shirt along with slim fit jeans. This picture is one of the best evidence to prove Diane’s natural beauty.

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10. In a Hurry:

Diane Kruger without makeup 10

Diane was spotted showing a hurry attitude while she was crossing the street to get to her car. This is the last but also one of the best Diane Kruger without make up pictures ever. One can fall in love with that alluring face just by taking a glance at her.

If you have read this article carefully, then should have come through some of the best pictures of Diane Kruger which display the natural beauty of this woman. She looks great even when she is sporting no makeup and these are some of the best pictures falling under the no makeup category, according to the fans.

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