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Priya Anand is one of the common every day faces of South Indian films mainly catering to the Telegu and Tamil cinemas. Ever since childhood, Anand had her eyes set on the film industry, but evidently it was not the acting part that was alluring to her but rather the technical part. Flying abroad to complete her final education, she comes back to Chennai, South India to partake in some modeling through which she finally got her big break into the movies. Always a pretty sensation on screen, it actually comes down to the no makeup times when we can actually evaluate if an actor is really all that and some more.

Beautiful Pictures of Priya Anand Without Makeup:

1. The Forever Diva:

priya anand without makeup

Looking pretty as usual, this diva decked up in a pretty orange blouse looked absolutely fine as she opted for a minimalist look. She might have lacked the professional finesse of her on screen looks, but a little liner never harmed anyone anyway. As she posed her flushed rosy cheeks brought out her features all the more.

2. The Perfect Smile:

priya anand without makeup 21

A warm sun kissed glow spread across her face as this beautiful actress smiled widely from cheek to cheek. Her face had no makeup on itself other than a little color on the lips to accentuate her features. The flawlessness of her skin was evident in the smooth texture which made her look truly beautiful.

3. Going Casual:

priya anand without makeup 3

Opting for a lazy causal day look, Anand paired her mint and sea blue tank with her every day casual blue denim jean. She went with a no makeup look but her hair falling sweetly across her shoulder was styled and perfected as she posed with a huge laugh.

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4. All Smiles 1:


Always a minimalist, Priya Anand in this picture had a slight eye liner contouring her eyes highlighting her sparkling features as a soft hue rolled across her smiling lips. Dressed traditionally in an extravagant suit, she sported her golden baked skin.

5. All Smiles 2:

priya anand without makeup 5

Here we have another smiling picture of the ever bubbly Anand. As she smiled sweetly for the camera, she was sporting her true color sans any makeup but her sharp features still made her look beautiful, with or without makeup.

6. Quizzical Look:

priya anand without makeup 6

A richly hued skin sporting a radiance and natural aura, Priya Anand in her white formal suit looked rather enticing even without makeup on her face. The clarity of her skin was immediately evident as her soft smile made her stand out of the crowd. Parting and brushing her hair into a mid section, she left it natural much like her face.

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7. Id Launch Event:

priya anand without makeup 7

This is one of the events attended by Priya Anand where she decided to done on a pretty plush pink traditional suit which suited and matched her radiant features. Her hair was styled sweetly as her clear and spotless skin shined brightly. As she passed her time in fun and frolic she looked her natural self, beauty and grace united.

8. Posing Up:


Once again we see Priya in yet another causal encounter, sporting a casual girl next door outfit. However, it’s not her wild patterned t-shirt or her blue denim jean that make her look worth the while, but her beautiful flawless face. A slight ice pink accentuated her lips as her skin without makeup glistened up brilliantly.

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9. A Balcony Shot:

priya anand without makeup 9

Taken from one of her movie stills, here we see the beauty herself leaning on against a balcony railing looking calm and collected. From the picture we can make out she doesn’t have makeup on herself.

10. The Selfie Game Winner:

priya anand without makeup 10

Clearly ruling at the selfie game, the last picture of the beauty includes her in her angelic aura sporting a fine white dress with her hair curled and styled on her either side. With a minimal amount of necessary hue, she pulls off the nude no makeup look well.

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