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Vintage hairstyles can add flair to your personality. Inspired from the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s era, these hairstyles can make you classic yet stylish. Vintage styling has become the latest craze among girls for memorable occasions, especially weddings. Most of the vintage hairstyles are iconic that have been ruling decades after decades.

vintage hairstyles

This vintage hairstyle will never go out of fashion, but will only be redefined with time. Inspired from the styles of our mother and grandmothers, vintage hairstyles gives us unlimited options in twists, curls and updos.

Most Popular Vintage Hairstyles With Images:

Check out these top 15 vintage hairstyles along with images that are very dramatic yet modern. You can pick any one of them to decorate yourself.

1. Victory Rolls:

15 Best Vintage Hairstyles With Pictures | Styles AT Life

A classic example of 1940s inspired hairstyle, Victory rolls styling is beautiful and simple. For this vintage hairstyle you need hair to be slightly more than the jaw length, making it suitable for girls with medium to long hair. In this look section of hair is folded into rolls securely held by pins on both the sides. Victory rolls hairstyle looks best on long faces.

2. The Gibson Girl Hairstyle:

15 Best Vintage Hairstyles With Pictures | Styles AT Life

This retro updo vintage hair style from 1890s is truly versatile and must try-on. The frothy texture in the Gibson Girl hair styling imparts an angelic look that is apt for today’s women. In this style hair is blow dried flat and then back combed with a soft brush. Finally, all the tresses are gathered loosely at the top and pinned securely. This hairdo can rock all face shapes.

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3. Marilyn Curls:

Vintage hairstyles 4

If you have short hair and want to try an elegant vintage hairdo, this style is best for you. To get the look, simply curl your hair in small sections. Clip and let it cool. Slowly brush back and smoothly roll the top section. This vintage hairstyle can accentuate all face shapes, especially if you have a small forehead.

4. Asymmetric Bob:

15 Best Vintage Hairstyles With Pictures | Styles AT Life

This is one of the most popular vintage hairstyles for short hair that is a rage among modern women. The asymmetric bob hair styling is inspired from the 1960s and is best for short to medium length hair. This hairstyle looks great on oval and long face shapes.

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5. The Milk Maid Braid:

15 Best Vintage Hairstyles With Pictures | Styles AT Life

Yet another classy and feminine vintage hairstyle, the milk maid braid has passed the time test and emerged once again as a popular hairstyle choice by fashionistas. Inspired from the 1940s, this vintage braid hairstyle can bring out all face shapes and looks amazingly good if you have long straight hair. The braided look in this style can be accessorized with flowers to make it more glam.

6. Quick Quiff:

15 Best Vintage Hairstyles With Pictures | Styles AT Life

If your desire to look younger for your age, all you need to do is to try on this up swept hairdo style. This classic vintage hairstyle is easy and does not require elaborate settings. If you have natural wavy hair, this updo hairstyle can make you look surprisingly 10 years younger. Quick Quiff vintage hairstyle for long hair can rock all face shapes.

7. Pompadour Hairstyle:

15 Best Vintage Hairstyles With Pictures | Styles AT Life

Inspired from the 1940, the pompadour style is an example of timeless up style hairdo that is so feminine and gorgeous. Wear this very short vintage hairstyle to feel and look like a celebrity without much ado. This vintage hairstyle looks best on long faces and thicker long hair.

8. Famous Veronica Lake Curls:

15 Best Vintage Hairstyles With Pictures | Styles AT Life

This vintage hairstyle has become extremely popular among stars and has been used time and over again for the red carpet look. The soft curls in this Veronica Lake style can make you look glamorous effortlessly. The hair styling looks best on long, thick hair and complements all face shapes.

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9. Soft Curls For Medium Hair:

Vintage hairstyles 9

This is another popular vintage hairstyle inspired from the 50s. The soft curl look in this hair styling is very versatile and looks goods on medium to long hair. As the hair is rolled into soft curls, this style can make fine hair fuller. The length of the curls in this vintage hairstyle can be varied according to your wishes. This is one of the best vintage hairstyles with curls which is suitable for mostly girls.

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10. Wrapped Up Twisted Bun For Wedding:

Vintage Hairstyles 10

The classic vintage wedding hairstyle picture from the 1960’s is here with this one. Add this to your bucket list, since you will love everything about this one. The bun is perfectly wrapped up and it is a wise choice for your wedding hairstyle. What’s more is, if you have short hair, it will look good on you anyway. Now add a veil to the face and the hairstyle and you will see where we are going with this. Gorgeous isn’t it? The hairstyle can easily make any face shape look good, but in particular oval shaped people can shout out a hurrah, since it won’t get better than theirs!

11. Vintage Hairstyle:

Vintage Hairstyles 11

The girl looks like Ariel from the Little Mermaid with the whole red headband and eyeliner. This vintage hairstyle adds to the effect. Curling using rollers help bring out the style featured here best. The upper section of the hair is parted towards the side. If you thick hair that gets difficult to be tied up, this one is your easy pick if you want to go to a retro themed party. Not only will it help bring out your features sharply, but also save you the hassle. In any case, focusing on your hair will get half your job at looking flawless done.

12. Classy 1950’s:

Vintage Hairstyles 12

For a vintage hairstyle to sport at weddings, this one you see here can be your easy pick. Well, even particularly so if your hair is curly. The cute hair clip is to die for, if you choose a black dress along to go with it. Don’t forget your necklace and accessories and those are just what will complete your look for you. Dramatic look all by itself, this hairstyle is ideal for short hair women who tired of the same old straight hair look. Just make sure you have your hair gel around to get you through the whole style at one go.

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13. Rolled Up Vintage Hairstyle:

Vintage Hairstyles 13

In case all you want to do is look mature enough for your age, you can do this hairstyle and it will get your deal done without even trying too hard. The classic hairstyle that you see here is super easy and does not even need a lot of accessories. Just some spray to keep your hair in place and a roller to get those upper curls. Easy to make, it is ideal for short hair. The hairstyle will make you look surprisingly good and bring out the best in you. All face shapes will look in this one, although our personal pick is more of an oval face.

14. Two Braid Hairstyle:

Vintage Hairstyles 14

If the two ponytails you usually do has gotten people asking for more from you, this vintage hair style should be your next option to rock the show. Look at the perfection with which the woman in the picture pulls this look off. You need long hair without strands running out from everywhere. So in case your hair just runs big enough, give this one a try for good.

15. Side Bang Vintage Hairstyle:

Vintage Hairstyles 15

The first thing you notice is probably is that hairpin isn’t it? That most certainly brings out the vintage look for good. The next thing you take a hint of is the beautiful straight yet wavy look, which was so popular in the 1980’s.

The Vintage hairstyle discussed here are ultra feminine and outstandingly beautiful. Even being inspired from the early 40s and 50s, each vintage hairstyle has a modern twist and gives you an edge of confidence as you wear them. So, that was all about vintage hairstyles and the top 15 among them to choose from. We hope we made your job easier and saved you the time and hassle.

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