15 Latest Models of Single Bangle Designs in Gold

Single Bangle can get match with salwar suit and saree both. Ladies love to enhance their beauty by doing Shringaar with bangles, anklet, bindi, earring, etc. There is lot of variety in single bangle design. Single bangle gold designs are hot favorite in ladies. They always prefer to have gold bangles to wear single in both hands. You can also have single line diamond bangle which you can wear with saree. There is even fancy single bangles and ethnic too.

Different Types of Single Bangles:

This bangle designs in gold will suit in any function. Even today’s young girls like to wear single bangles with Kurti and Leggings. They mostly prefer latest single bangle design in gold. Hence, single bangles can be worn by ladies of all age group provided they should like it.

1. Single Stylish Gold Bangle:

Single Stylish Gold Bangle

This is stylish single bangle design in gold. Young girls like college going will prefer this design the most, as it will suit with their western dresses too. This design is really cool for girls. It is having adjustable band too.

2. Single Line Diamond Bangle Design:

Single Line Diamond Bangle Design

In this bangle, there is single line of diamond studded in whole. This is real gold bangle and may be costly too. You can also wear metal bangles of other color with this single line diamond bangle. It suits well with your saree.

3. Traditional Single Bangle Design:

Traditional Single Bangle Design

The work on this bangle is traditional which was found years ago. It is having such a nice design and was mostly used by our grandmother.  In some family, there is a ritual that mother-in-law gift such bangle to her daughter-in-law.

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4. Unique Design in Single Bangle:

Unique Design in Single Bangle

The design of this single bangle is really awesome. It is latest one in market. It will highly be cherished by fashion conscious ladies. Though plain, the design is such a classy one. It is going to look heavy in its simplicity. It is a must have design.

5. Twisted Single Bangle Design:

Twisted Single Bangle Design

The twisted pattern in single bangle is really looking gorgeous. It needs lot of effort to make this bangle. This is a combination of three bangles. One is of full diamond and other two are in plain gold. This will look fancy in hand and unique too.

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6. Sterling Silver Single Bangle:

Sterling Silver Single Bangle

This single bangle is in sterling silver. It is having new design as twist is created with coil. Ladies will love this pattern. Sterling silver is affordable for everyone and you can wear it daily without worry. It is going to look stunning.

7. Single Bangle in Leaf Series Design:

Single Bangle in Leaf Series Design

In this single bangle, there is a series of leaf design. In each leaf, there is a diamond attached on it. This pattern is found rarely and you will appear out to be unusual with this single bangle. This design will add grace to your beauty.

8. Plain Gold Single Bangle:

Plain Gold Single Bangle

This is round cut plain gold single bangle. It does not possess work and design of any type. It is perfect for women for daily wear. It will look beautiful on girls too. There can be ladies who like to wear plain bangle and this can be for them.

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9. Single Bangle with Pearl:

Single Bangle with Pearl

In this bangle, there is a work of gold and pearl. It is a broad bangle and only one is enough to fill up your hand. This pattern is highly available in Rajasthan. Rajasthani ladies wear this type of bangles in functions. It is having such a minute work of gold.

10. Antique Single Bangle Design:

Antique Single Bangle Design

It is an antique design in single bangle. It is studded with stones and diamonds. The design will catch away people’s attention. Other ladies will surely praise this design and may even feel jealous of you for getting such a nice bangle. Pink stone is favourite of all.

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11. Twin Peacock Single Bangle Design:

Twin Peacock Single Bangle Design

This gold single bangle is looking lovely with twin peacock pattern. This is having two peacocks with colorful stones. The rest whole bangle is embossed with three series of pearls. It will look attractive on ladies’ hand and will look superb in Marriage.

12. Ethnic Gold Single Bangle:

Ethnic Gold Single Bangle

This is an ethnic design in gold single bangle. There is very minor work of gold and purple stone. There is very fine cut of gold done to give enchanting design. This must be expensive too. It is going to look magnificent and outstanding.

13. Designer Single Bangle:

Designer Single Bangle

This is a specially designed single bangle. Amazing beads with gold is done which is having captivating look. Designer single bangle is going to set directly in the mind of people. Everyone will go crazy seeing this design. Each lady will crave for it.

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14. Wedding Special Single Bangle Design:

Wedding Special Single Bangle Design

This is very popular design in single bangle design. A bride can wear this single bangle on her wedding. It is wholly studded with small diamonds which will shine and catch the eyes. The mind of ladies is going to stay still seeing the shining of diamonds.

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15. Sober Single Bangle Design:

Sober Single Bangle Design

This single bangle design is sober with diamond at each interval. The design of this bangle is such a pleasing one and pretty too. It will look good with salwar suit also. The design is classy and high standard. It will appeal to the mind.

Single bangle designs in gold and diamond is so aesthetically pleasant and alluring that one will like it at instance. There can be broad and thin both in single bangle. It depends on your taste what to wear. For daily wear, thing single bangle will look beautiful. And for functions, broad single bangle will look stunning with heavy saree. With its splendid designs, it will steal heart of ladies. Ladies just can’t stop herself from liking amazing designs of single bangles. And it is right of ladies to adorn her with beautiful jewellery.

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