Top 100 Hottest TV Actors 2013-2014 (Part E)

Ladies, we are sad to announce that this is the final part of the series of the 100 Hottest TV Actors 2013-2014 series Part A!    Part B    Part C  and Part D. We have been through some of the most beautiful men you will ever see on your TV from the likes of Damian Lewis to Sean Murray. We’ve had a little peek at Matt Bomer and Misha Collins, Clive Standen, Jim Parrack, Alfie Allen, Jim Parsons and even Theo Rossi.

We have finally come to the countdown of the final twenty… Who have we left out that you would like to see on here in this final part?

We won’t keep you waiting any longer ladies. Make yourselves comfortable, pour yourself a drink and put your feet up. Let’s get things kicked off!

20 – Neil Patrick Harris

photo 1

We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Neil Patrick Harris in our office not only because he is one of the most fabulous actors in the world, but he also one of the most fabulous gay men AND a doting father! Just take a look at this picture and tell me your heart doesn’t melt:

photo 2

We’ve put him on this list solely because of his role as Barney Stinson in the fabulously amazing How I Met Your Mother. We’ve already met Ted Moseby aka Josh Radnor, and we’ve taken a peek at the Alyson Hannigan celebrity plastic surgery rumors. Leaving that to the side we’ll carry on drooling over Neil Patrick Harris!

Josh Radnor 2

He was born in New Mexico on June 15th, 1973. Can you believe that this guy is 40 years old!? We can’t! He still looks like he should be in the groups with the other early-to-mid-twenties actors!

We think it might be his amazing family that keeps him looking younger. The fraternal twins that Neil Patrick Harris and his fiance, David Burtka adopted. They were born in 2010 and are a boy called Gideon Scott and a girl called Harper Grace. They make the super-cutest family and we wish we could be a part of it!

photo 3

There are some films coming out over the next couple of years starring Neil Patrick Harris and we definitely think that you should be keeping your eyes out for them – Gone Girl sees him playing the part of Desi Collings alongside Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Casey Wilson and Tyler Perry in the drama thriller. This is set to be released in October 2014 in the USA, plus there’s A Million Ways to Die in the West is due out just a few months earlier in the same year. He plays the part of Foy in this and will be alongside Amanda Seyfried, Liam Neeson, Charlize Theron, Seth MacFarlane and Dennis Haskins so you know it’s gonna be a good one!

19 – Jake Johnson

This guy is a comedian as well as an actor and is perhaps better known for his comical role in the Fox comedy TV series called New Girl which has had both sides of the pond – USA and UK, laughing their asses off! He plays Nick Miller in this – if you haven’t yet seen him in the show, you should most definitely check it out!

Jake Johnson 1

New Girl has actually gotten him nominated for three awards that sadly he didn’t win, but we have high hopes for future years! This year alone (2013) he was nominated for the “Choice Television Best Actor Comedy” in the Teen Choice Awards, and there was also the “Individual Achievement in Comedy” at the TCA Awards. In 2012, he was also nominated for “Best Actor in a Comedy Series” at the Critics’ Choice Television Awards. We’d say he was pretty popular, wouldn’t you?

Jake Johnson 2

He’s still in New Girl for just now but he’s got a couple of films coming out soon as well. He’s been in a few films over the years but the ones that you want to be keeping an eye out for soon are Let’s Be Cops that’s due out in 2014 as well as Neighbors thats been scheduled for release in the same year.

Jake Johnson 3

18 – Michael Steger

We’ve featured a few hotties from the hit TV show 90210 and this time, we are bringing you Michael Steger. This 33 year old cutie has got quite the fan base because of his role in the show but for those of you that are interested, he’s also had a part in True Blood, Covert Affairs, Criminal Minds, Hannah Montana and The Winner. He’s been doing his thing for a while under the radar, it would seem.

Michael Steger 1

Born in California on May 27th, 1980, Michael Steger has a couple of films coming out soon that you should keep your eyes open for. We are quite excited for The Circle which will see Michael Steger playing the part of Matt in the thriller/horror film of a bunch of kids exploring a burned down prison. It’s got fright-night written all over it already, doesn’t it?

Michael Steger 3

17 – Michael C. Hall

Do you watch Dexter? You’ll already know who Michael C. Hall is if you do. He plays the part of Dexter Morgan in the Showtime TV show, but there’s also the other TV show that he was quite popular in called Six Feet Under that you may recognise him from. In this he played the part of David Fisher – do you remember?

Michael C. Hall 1

Things have not been plain sailing for Michael C. Hall and he sadly released information that he had cancer back in the early part of 2010. According to his spokeswoman, he was suffering with something called Hodgkin’s Lymphoma but after treatment, just a few months later he was happy to say that he was in remission and back to work on the Dexter TV show.

This guy has been nominated for so many awards for his roles on Six Feet Under and Dexter that it would take us forever to jot them all down. He’s been nominated for stuff like “Best Actor in a TV Series Drama” and “Best Actor on Television” – we don’t need to list them all but you get the general idea, we imagine!

Michael C. Hall 2

He was married to Amy Spanger from 2003 but sadly, in 2006, their divorce was finalised in the later part of 2011. It didn’t take him long to find happiness however – he eloped with the actress Jennifer Carpenter in 2008 after dating for just a year. In 2010 however, they announced their separation and in the later stages of 2011, their divorce was finalised.

16 – Jensen Ackles

Who doesn’t love this guy? He is beautifully cute and has a smile to die for. He has certainly managed to win over the hearts of million of girls around the world because of the part he plays in the hit TV show Supernatural.

Jensen Ackles 1

The chiseled jaw, floppy hair and stern face just make him all the more endearing and luckily, his dark and mysterious brooding face is normally what we see from his character of Dean Winchester. That’s not all he’s been doing with his time however; there’s much more that you could be checking this cutie out in!

Days of Our Lives saw him nominated for a whole bunch of nominations for his role as Eric Brady. He was also in Dark Angel playing Alec/X5-494 and in Smallville, he played the part of Jason Teague. He’s been a very busy, it would seem! Not that we mind – these are all shows that most of our team have been obsessed with at one point or another!

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Jensen Ackles 2

Born in Texas on March 1st, 1978, you may be surprised to hear that Jensen Ackles is actually 35 years old. We definitely didn’t believe he was as old as all that when we set out to investigate the hottest TV actors!

Sadly for the rest of the women in the world, Jensen Ackles is not on the market. He is married to a gymnast, actress and model called Danneel Harris so unless you can do all of these things, and are beautiful, you probably have no chance. We’ve never been that flexible so that’s most of our team out the window…

Jensen Ackles 3

As well as being happily married, Jensen Ackles is also the proud father to one daughter that was born just a few months again on May 30th, 2013.

15 – Rob James-Collier

If you’ve never watched Coronation Street, you have absolutely no idea what you are missing. Not only will you be missing out on hot British men like Rob James-Collier, number 15 on our Top 100 Hot TV Actors 2013-2014, but you will be missing out on one of the most popular things to come out of Britain!

Rob James-Collier 1

Of course, Downton Abbey is what has bought this guy to international levels of fame with the USA loving this show just as much, and in some cases more, than the Brit’s themselves do! In Coronation Street he played the slightly scampy Liam Connor, and in Downton Abbey he plays Thomas Barrow.

Rob James-Collier 2

He’s not just an actor; he was a model as well and has been nominated for and won various British TV soap awards for his looks and acting abilities. We think he’s cute anyway – what do you think?

Remember to watch Coronation Street!

14 – Chris O’Donnell

Where do you know this guy from? Chances are you remember his face but you can’t quite picture where it’s from… Well if you ever watched Batman & Robin from 1997 or Batman Forever in 1995, you will have spotted him as the part of Robin; Batman’s super-hot sidekick!

Chris O’Donnell 1

Recently you will have spotted him in NCIS: Los Angeles playing the part of G. Callen and he has been in it since 2009. He was in Grey’s Anatomy in 2006 as well, playing the role of Dr. Finn Dandridge for 9 episodes, and has even had parts in Two and a Half Men, The Practice and Head Cases.

Chris O’Donnell 2

This guy is now 43 years old believe it or not. He was born in Illinois on June 26th, 1970. He’s married to a lovely lady called Caroline Fentress and they have five children together! We can’t imagine how he manages to fit in any of the films or TV shows that he’s managed to make! Perhaps NCIS: Los Angeles gives him the break away from his kids?!

13 – David Duchovny

David Duchovny has been well known for being one of the coolest TV and film actors for a long time. Most of us first fell in love with this guy when he played the role of Fox Mulder in The X-Files! They should totally bring that show back – what do you think? We fell in love with him a second time when he featured in the Sex and the City series, playing the part of Carrie Bradshaw’s slightly mental boyfriend. When then fell in love with him a third time after we saw the brilliant TV series Californication. He plays Hank Moody in this. Both Californication and The X-Files have been very good to David Duchovny – he’s won Golden Globe awards for both!

David Duchovny

This guy’s career might be going from strength to strength but it would appear that his personal life has a tendency to go a little crazy. He was married to an actress called Tea Leoni from 1997 to the first time they split in 2008. At this point, their spokespeople had come out to say that they had actually parted ways several months earlier after David checked himself into a clinic for rehabilitation from a sex addiction. They did get back to gather for a little while but they broke up again in 2011. Together they have a couple of kids – a girl and a boy.

12 – Ashton Kutcher

This guy might be a brilliant actor but he has a tendency of being in the public eye more for his complicated love life rather than his acting genius. After taking over from where Charlie Sheen left off in Two and a Half Men, we all love the character of Walden Schmidt in the TV show. Do you think it’s as good now that Charlie Sheen has left?

Ashton Kutcher 1

The 35 year old actor was born in Iowa on February 7th, 1978 and is currently said to be dating one of the actresses he used to work on That 70’s Show with – Mila Kunis. Before that he was married to Demi Moore from 2005 to 2013 after a rather public divorce fight after months of speculation over the state of their marriage. If you believe the rumors, he was cheating left, right and center but we won’t even really know what happened between them…

Ashton Kutcher 2

He’s already notched up a list of some pretty impressive films and TV shows with things like The Butterfly Effect, Killers, Dude, Where’s My Car?, New Year’s Eve, What Happens in Vegas, Just Married and Texas Rangers already in his impressive resume. For now it would seem as if he were paying more focus to his TV career, still starring on the Two and a Half Men show, as there are no rumoured films coming up any time soon.

Ashton Kutcher 3

11 – Stephen Amell

Stephen Amell 1

Have you been keeping yourself up to date with The CW series Arrow? If you have, you’ll known who Stephen Amell is – he plays the vigilante Green Arrow in the hit TV show. This guy has been in a few hit TV shows, it would seem, with Heartland under his belt (he played Nick Harwell from 2007-2012) and even New Girl, Private Practice, Hung and 90210 in his resume as well. This guy is actually Canadian and he was born in Ontario on May 8th, 1981 making him 32 years old. He’s hot for his age too – that chiseled jaw and beautiful smile catches us every time.

Stephen Amell 2

This guy married the same woman twice, truly showing his dedication to her! Stephen and Cassandra Jean married first in a private ceremony in the lovely backdrop of the Caribbean in 2012, and in May of this year (2013) he married her for the second time in New Orleans. They recently introduced a baby into the mix as well with a beautiful baby girl called Mavi Alexandra Jean Amell who was born on the 15th October! How cute!

Stephen Amell 3


Right girls – we have halfway through and we have just ten spaces left on our list of Top 100 Hottest TV Actors 2013-2014… Who are we missing in your eyes so far? We are excited to bring you the top ten, that’s for sure! We have some real cuties coming up, we can promise you that!

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Let’s get back to business, shall we?

10 – Desmond Harrington

We first fell in love with this guy when he played the bad guy in Ghost Ship but we definitely fell for him a second time when we started watching Dexter. Desmond Harrington plays the part of Detective Joseph Quinn in the show, and he even had a part in Gossip Girl for a while. We are going to watch them back to see if we can spot him in it!

Desmond Harrington 1

Born in Georgia on October 19th, 1976, the 37 year old actor has also starred in films like The Hole and Wrong Turn as well as the TV shows and films we’ve already mentioned. He had a small part in The Dark Knight Rises too – he played a Police Officer in this.

Desmond Harrington 2

This Libra actor currently has 33 credits in his resume but doesn’t seem to be giving much away as to what he is going to be doing next. I guess we will just need to keep watching Dexter for now!

9 – David Boreanaz

This 44 year old actor has been in some of the biggest and best TV shows around. New York born David Boreanaz was born on May 16th, 1969 and has managed to tick off the following shows already in the 20 years that he has been acting:

  • BonesSpecial Agent Seeley Booth
  • Full CircleJace Cooper
  • AngelAngel
  • Buffy the Vampire SlayerAngel
  • Married with ChildrenFrank

He’s got a few films in there too including the 2009 The Mighty Macs and the 2006 Mr. Fix It. He’s been a busy boy it would appear, especially when you look at how complicated his personal life seems to be as well…

David Boreanaz 1

David Boreanaz is married to an actress called Jamie Bergman. They got married in 2001 and they now have a couple of kids together. Things seemed to be running smoothly for the couple but back in 2010, David came out and admitted that he had been having an affair with Rachel Uchitel. This girl also apparently had an affair with Tiger Woods. Things get worse – during the time that the news came out, his wife Jaime was pregnant. Bad man, David!

8 – Tristan Wilds

This chocolate born hunk plays the smooth cutie Dixon Wilson in The CW hit show that took the world by storm, 90210. He is also very well known for another role that he’s had recently – he plays Michael Lee in the HBO series called The Wire.

Tristan Wilds 1

Born in New York on July 15th, 1989, the 24 year old actor has done some pretty impressive stuff so far. Considering his young age, he is already a well-known household name, mostly because of the two shows that we have already mentioned. The 2008 film The Secret Life of Bees certainly hasn’t hindered his progress in the acting world either!

Tristan Wilds 2

It would appear that the young actor is concentrating on 90210 at the moment as there are now rumours of him working on anything else as yet. He has recently released a new album, choosing to take a break from serious acting and start working on his musical career, and if you fancy a listen to it, it’s called “New York: A Love Story”

7 – Travis Fimmel

This 34 year old actor was originally born in Victoria, Australia on 15th July, 1979 and is not only an actor, but is also a former model. Choosing to swap the catwalk for the TV world was a brave move for him but it appears to be one that has been good for him so far.

Travis Fimmel 1

It’s the 2013 TV show The Vikings that has made him somewhat of a household name right now. He plays the part of Ragnar Lothbrok in the show. If you ever watched the TV series The Beast (that also used to star Patrick Swayze) you will have seen Travis Fimmel in that too. He played Ellis Dove / Carlson in the show.

Travis Fimmel 2

It would seem as if he is branching into films right now with two films being rumored to be coming out soon. Overdrive, for example, is due out in 2014 and will see Travis playing the part of Andrew in the action thriller. He is rumored to be in the 2015 film Warcraft too. This adventure action fantasy based on the games that have taken over the world is promising to be a really good watch with Paula Patton, Colin Farrell, Paul Dano and Anton Yelchin all starring in the film with him.

6 – Paul Wesley

You might not know him as Paul Wesley; you might know him as Stefan Salvatore in The CW vampire-themed drama TV show, The Vampire Diaries. You may also know him better as Aaron Corbett in the ABC Family TV show called Fallen too.

Paul Wesley 1

Before we continue we feel that we should warn you that this guy is now on the market for you single (or not so single) ladies. He met the actress Torrey DeVitto in 2007 when they were filming together on the set of Killer Movie and they got married in 2011. However just a few months ago in July 2013, they admitted that they had filed for divorce after just two years of being married to each other. It’s sad for them but good news for those that are lusting after Paul Wesley!

Paul Wesley 2

Luckily there are going to be plenty of opportunities for you to check out this hunky hot TV actor. There are a couple of films out that will be starring him soon including the 2014 rom-com Sam & Amira in which he will play the part of Charlie. In the same year, The Long Goodnight will be coming out and will see Paul playing the part of Gideon in the drama that looks like it might be pretty good!

5 – Jared Padalecki

This 31 year old American actor was originally born in Texas, USA on July 19th, 1982 and in the 14 or so years that he has been acting, has racked up a pretty impressive number of TV series and films. He is perhaps better known for his position in Supernatural as Sam Winchester / Ezekiel / Lucifer. He was also in the 2009 film Friday the 13th as Clay Miller, and the 2005 film where he played the part of Wade in House of Wax where we watch Paris Hilton get speared. It wasn’t a bad film but that made most of us in the office laugh.

Jared Padalecki 1

It would seem that Supernatural is what Jared Padalecki is focusing on these days as there aren’t any other film rumors coming around. We could always catch up with him in the old re-runs of Gilmore Girls as well – he played Dean Forester in that for five years too!

Jared Padalecki 2

Things have been going really well in Jared’s personal life these days too – he married Genecieve Cortese, his Supernatural co-star, in 2010 and they had their first kid in 2012. They recently announced in July of this year, that they are expecting a second child!

Jared Padalecki 3

Congrats to the lucky couple!

4 – Ian Somerhalder

Everyone thought this guy might have got the part of Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey and were quite shocked when it seemed to be offered to everyone except him. Despite this he is still one of the most lusted after men in the world, causing girls to go weak at the knees in all the corners of the globe!

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Ian Somerhalder 1

This 34 year old American actor is very well known for the role he plays in The Vampire Diaries. He is Damon Salvatore in the hit TV show, and before that you will probably recognise him as Boone Carlyle in Lost.

Ian Somerhalder 2

The Vampire Diaries was good to him, not only causing him to be nominated for awards, and even winning them in a lot of cases! For example he was recently awarded the award for “Choice TV Actor: Fantasy Sci-Fi” at the Teen Choice Awards. In 2012, he won 6 awards too and back in 2010, he won a couple more. It would seem that he was in demand!

Ian Somerhalder 3

He started dating one of the co-stars from The Vampire Diaries, Nina Dobrev. It was believed that they were happily plodding along but recently it has come about that the pair have sadly separated. That’s good news for all the single ladies out there that are interested, but sad for the couple. We thought they looked rather cute together!

3 – Ryan Kwanten

We loved this guy back when he played Vinnie Patterson in the Australian soap Home and Away between 1997 and 2002. It was in 2008 that he seemed to hit the big time though when he was given the part of Jason Stackhouse in the crazily good TV show that took the world by storm, True Blood.

Ryan Kwanten 1

Born in Sydney Australia on 28th November, 1976, the 34 year old actor actually plays a role that is much younger than he actually is. This doesn’t matter however – this guy has a body to die for and his face makes him look ten years younger than he actually is! We think it is crazy how young this guy still looks!

Ryan Kwanten 2

His part in True Blood has won him one award for “Best Ensemble, Television” at the Satellite Awards in 2009, and he has been nominated for a whole bunch of other awards for his position in the show too.

Ryan Kwanten 3

For those of you that can’t wait to see this guy again, he will be featuring in a few films that are coming out over the next couple of years. Reach Me, for example, is a film that is set for release in 2014 and will see Ryan Kwanten playing the part of Jack Burns in the drama piece with Sylvester Stallone, Lauren Cohan and Cary Elwes reported to be starring in the film as well.

Ryan Kwanten 4

Northmen: A Viking Saga is an action adventure due out in the same year and will see Ryan starring as Conall in the film about Vikings, as the name would suggest.

Kidnapping Freddy Heineken is a film due out in 2014 too, but this is an action/crime/drama with Anthony Hopkins, Sam Worthington and Jim Sturgess in the credits as well.

2 – Alexander Skarsgård

Born in Stockholm, Sweden on August 25th, 1976, the 37 year old Alexander Skarsgård has certainly made his mark on women all over the world.He shot to fame playing the formidable Eric Northman; the guy that stole Sooki Stackhouse away from Bill Compton on the hit TV show True Blood.

Alexander Skarsgård 1

He was dating the actress Kate Bosworth for a couple of years but thankfully for the next lucky lady he falls in love with, they announced their separation in 2011.

Alexander Skarsgård 2

It would seem that the tall, blonde hunk has decide to branch into filming after the success that True Blood has brought him and has two films coming out so far. This year we will soon see Ridden, for example, where Alexander Skarsgård will play the part of Ray. A thriller/horror film that looks like it could frighten the pants off the bravest of souls, it certainly promises to be good if he’s in it.

Alexander Skarsgård 3

There is one more reported film coming out and this one is due for release in 2014. The Giver will see Alexander Skarsgård starring as Jonas’s father in the sci-fi/fantasy/drama that also stars Meryl Streep, Katie Holmes, Taylor Swift and Jeff Bridges. We are quite excited to see this one!

Alexander Skarsgård 4

Speaking of Taylor Swift, rumours have come out recently suggesting that the two of them are dating. Just very recently at the beginning of November, Alexander Skarsgård came out with Taylor Swift to deny the rumours. It would appear that the rumour mill is still going into overdrive however, with reports coming out saying that he could be dating Tom Cruise’s ex; Katie Holmes. Apparently, they had a couple of dinners before they started filming The Giver…. I guess we will just need to watch this space!

1 – Charlie Hunnam

At the time that we started the list of the Top 100 Hottest TV Actors 2013-2014 and we started arguing between us on who should be on the list, Charlie Hunnam had recently been announced as Christian Grey – the lead role of the movie adapted from the erotic books, Fifty Shades of Grey written by E.L.James. Sadly, Charlie has since turned down the spicy role amidst a massive rumor mill. The official reason why he quit the movie is because his filming schedule is already incredibly hectic, especially with him playing Jax Teller in the gripping Sons of Anarchy show. There is plenty of speculation, of course – he apparently quit because he couldn’t handle the pressure, and some even believed that it was because he didn’t have enough creative control over the part he was about to play. We are choosing to believe the busy schedule reason, of course; only because we love the Sons of Anarchy show!

Charlie Hunnam 1

Not just featuring here as the top spot on our Top 100 Hottest TV Actors 2013-2014, he also rated number one on our Top Hottest British Men too – whether he plays Christian Grey or not, he is still incredibly hot.

Charlie Hunnam 2

He was born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in England on 10th April, 1980 which makes him currently 33 years old. He’s had a couple of long-term relationships in that time too. He is currently with a jewellery designer called Morgana McNelis and they recently moved to a ranch just on the outskirts of LA for more peace and quiet. Before that he dated Katharine Towne for a couple of years too. They met when they were auditioning for Dawson’s Creek and got married within around four weeks of starting their romance. It fizzled out and they were divorce in 2002 but it would seem that everything worked out rather well for this number one TV hunk!

Charlie Hunnam 3


So that is us concluding out Top 100 Hottest TV Actors 2013-2014! What do you think of the list we compiled? Is there anyone that you felt we left out? Don’t worry, we will soon be back with more hot men for you to keep your eyes on! We have a couple planned already and we can assure you that you won’t be waiting long! For now, why not have a look around the site and see some of the other beautiful men and women we feature.

Happy Reading!