Top 20 Hottest Guys from the Philippines

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 10. Jericho Rosales


Why He’s Hot: Jericho is a male Cinderella. And his story of rags-to-riches makes him a worthy prince of Philippine showbiz! The days of hunger and living in a makeshift shed are way behind him and all everyone sees is a hunk oozing with artistic talent and confidence!

Birth Date: September 22, 1979

His Story: From ordinary life and humble beginnings, Jericho is reputably one of the finest Filipino artists of this generation. He was a pizza guy and a private driver before he was discovered in a noontime show talent search where won the titular Mr. Pogi. As “pogi” means handsome, this dimpled, persevering guy totally deserved it! From 1995 up to the present, Jericho always has a show or a movie every year. And this guy is not resting on his laurels! In the past few years he’s been trying to establish himself as a singer and song writer, forming his band Jeans and releasing two albums, one of which contained all original songs written by him. In 2011, he won as best actor in the New Beach Film Festival for his first international film Subject: I Love You.



Sexiest Moments: A singing and acting Jericho is his sexiest form! Perhaps it has got something to do with being in his best element: he always loved singing (even more than acting). Go ahead and check out his Beautiful in my Eyes music video in YouTube!

Love Life: After a string of showbiz girlfriends, Jericho finally found the one. He recently proposed to TV host Kim Jones. Awww…

  9. Enrique Gil


Why He’s Hot: This beautiful blend of Filipino, Spanish, German and Swiss blood can act, dance and sing! And those deep-set eyes and the tinge of sorrow in his face exude a mysterious, hopelessly handsome appeal that makes girls scream their lungs out. No wonder he won the Sexiest Male in the Philippines title from a Starmometer online poll this year!

Birth date: March 30, 1992

His story: Enrique was 16 when he first tried out commercial modeling and musical theater. And his reason will both amuse and put us to shame—boredom! Fortunately, Enrique didn’t get bored with small roles and commercials because now he is finally landing one lead role after another! Just July this year, he was named Breakthrough Artist of the Year by Yahoo! OMG awards!

 enrique1 Enrique Gil Album Cover 2

Sexiest moments: He claims in an interview that he feels sexiest when he dances. Oh, every girl who has seen him dance has to agree with that! He’s more than swag when he dances Teach Me How to Dougie. He’s not at all funny when he moves to Psy’s Gentleman. He is scorching hot you can feel your skin tingle! And when he frowns a little and bites his lower lip…

Love life: Despite being linked to different girls, Enrique is currently single. Yay! It’s our time to dance around girls, come on!

 8. Dennis Trillo


Why He’s Extra Hot: This Taurus is widely acclaimed for his acting performances but unknown to many, he used to have a rock band. This guy can sing and play the guitar and the drums! He also holds a B.A. in International Studies. A nerdy rockstar, eh? Me gusta!

Birth Date: May 12, 1981

His Story: This beautiful blend of Chinese and Filipino blood first entered showbiz in 2000. He juggled small roles for four years before landing his first lead role in primetime. His heyday as an actor came as early as his first big screen debut! He received numerous best actor awards for his role as a cross-dresser in Aishitemasu 1941: Mahal Kita. Ever since, he always has a stream of primetime shows to star in. Currently, he is playing a role of a homosexual in the first ever gay-themed drama series in the Philippines. Still, Dennis’ virile sexy fire is not extinguished!

Sexiest Moments: Any shirtless moment! Dennis has this shy and slightly withdrawn aura that intensifies his sense of mystery. To see a glimpse of his sexy chest would be like slightly breaking his strict privacy. And despite his charming, boyish smile, he can still come off as a ‘bad boy.’ No wonder ladies will throw themselves at his feet.

 dennis-trillo-naked Dennis Trillo - Hanford 4

Love Life: Dennis has a toddler son but he’s not married. In fact, he seems to be not dating anyone recently. Thrill-o galore!

 7. Tom Rodriguez


Why He’s Hot: The real deal about Tom is he looks really clean and nice when he beams with his perfect set of teeth and dimples and yet he is also comfortable in shedding off his clothes. And there’s more to him than just being good looking: he is also a musical theater actor (he played Aladdin onstage last year) and a graphic artist!

Birth Date: October 1, 1987

His Story: Half-Amercan Tom initially gained attention when he joined Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up, a reality TV show. He was too hunky and cute that he was signed to a contract right after he was eliminated from the contest. He appeared in numerous TV shows thereafter, slowly attracting fans with his super cute, dimpled smile. His biggest break would be perhaps the critically and commercially successful sexy comedy movie Temptation Island. Currently, he is portraying a married gay man in My Husband’s Lover alongside Dennis Trillo. Despite being a newbie actor, Tom handles the role extremely well! Gay or girl, neither could resist Tom’s sugary smile!



Sexiest Moments: Ha! It definitely has to be his wearing-only-red-boxers scenes in Temptation Island. You might think a picture of a shirtless Tom is enough but wait until he pulls that slow, one-sided smile… yay!

Love Life: This Libra was rumored to be dating singer K-La (who also played Jasmine alongside him) early this year. Tom neither confirmed nor denied. Hmm, what do you think?

 6. Rafael Rossel


 Why He’s Hot: He is just one ruggedly handsome hunk! He perfectly fit his late night sexy roles as sensitive and passionate lovers that I can’t seem to think Rafael is otherwise in real life.

Birth date: November 10, 1982

His Story: Rafael was born to Filipino parents but was raised in Norway. It was through a well-timed vacation in the Philippines that he got introduced to showbiz. His mom had him audition and with the help of his heart-stopping high cheek bones, aquiline nose and perfect smile, he was launched as the new face of a top toothpaste brand. This led him to land roles in TV shows and later on, movies. He was cast in a string of primetime  romantic and sensual dramas where Rafael not only flaunted his hunky body but also his acting chops.


Sexiest moments: Named in 2012 as one of the “15 Hottest Hunks Ever” by a magazine, no one will dare disagree as Rafael struts down the catwalk wearing only an underwear… or even just jeans!

Love life: In his words: “I intend to stay single until someone makes me fall in love again.” Yes, you heard that right! He is single! This Scorpio says he gives the best of him every time he’s in a relationship. Well, well, his next girl would definitely be so lucky don’t you just wish it’s you?  

 5. Diether Ocampo


Why He’s Hot: Unknown to many, this German and Chinese blooded Pinoy had been part of a band called Blow. He was the executive producer of the first US label signed Philippine band called The Pin-Ups. Diet, as he is popularly called, is also a PETA (People Ethical Treatment for Animals) and a foundation for kids advocate!

Birth Date: July 19, 1974

His Story: Ala Channing Tatum in body and beginnings, Diether also started out as a dancer at a local escort service pub. This Cancer dude has more to him than just his fair skin and good looks and perhaps that was why he got discovered by one of the biggest networks in the Philippines. He’s got two Best Drama Actor and one Best Supporting Actor awards among other acting nominations to date. Launched as a mestizo teen actor, he was paired with numerous ladies but Diether’s hunkability and charm do  not wane at all. These days he is still a bankable endorser and a sought-after leading man. The late night sexy dramas he stars in are always top-billed!



Sexiest moments: Those half-naked steamy catwalks for Bench fashion shows! Once he wore only white pants that hung a little too low, revealing the upper part of his pelvis and his behind. The video’s still in YouTube but you may have to confirm your age… you know.

Love Life:  Diether had been married. HAD is the keyword. He’s one of the country’s most eligible bachelors these days! Oh yeah, he’s available… for now.

  4. Derek Ramsay


Why He’s Hot: Derek is actually a frisbee champion! He plays for SMART TV5 Pilipinas, the Philippiines’ Frisbee team which championed last year in the Singapore Ultimate Open 2012.

Birth Date: December 7, 1976

His Story: Despite his steamy milk chocolate skin, Derek is actually half-British. At 18, Derek came back to England to pursue electrical engineering. It was only around 2005 when Derek made his first appearances in Philippine television. He was initially a host for a dance show and an entertainment talk show. He was also a VJ for MTV Philippines. But can you keep a muscular, square-jawed handsome man tied up to just hosting? Eventually, the public demanded more from him… and Derek delivered! He made his way from minor appearances and roles until he became one of the most sought after leading men in TV and movies. At present, he plays the title character (a Filipino superhero) in Kidlat.



Sexiest Moments: Derek’s shower scene in the documentary movie Male Confessions is scorching hot. This Sagittarius man was shown taking a shower, looking through the screen very intensely as water drips on his face and his bare chest. It was amazing smoke didn’t come out from his incredible bod.

Love Life: Derek has just very recently announced that he is dating sexy actress Christine Reyes. Dang it!

 3. Sam Milby


Why He’s Hot: You can put gentleman and sexy in one sentence to describe Sam! He looks hot in polo shirt; he looks just as hot without it.

Birth Date: May 23, 1984

His Story: Sam was born in Ohio, United States to a Filipina mother and an American dad. He trained as a figure skater when he was young. He worked as waiter in a steakhouse and played his guitar for bands. This Taurus seemed to have not imagined himself as an actor though. It was during a vacation in the Philippines that he got discovered by a talent scout. He then joined Pinoy Big Brother and gradually attracted fans with his shy, charming self. He was voted out but offers were waiting in line for him. The next thing Sam knew, he was starring in TV shows and releasing his own albums.



Sexiest Moments: Any time Sam sings while strumming a guitar! For a change, here’s one who didn’t have to take his shirt off. He just has to stand there—handsome and tall with puppy brown eyes—and his voice will do the magic.

Love Life: He admits to be courting actress Jessy Mendiola recently. But they’re still not official so he still counts as single, right?

 2. Dingdong Dantes

dingdong dantes protege

Why He’s Extra Hot: While he is a critically-acclaimed actor (he has a long list of acting awards and nominations), Dingdong is also into directing! He was named third sexiest male in the world by E! Television in 2009, joining the ranks of Johnny Depp and David Beckham.

Birth Date: August 2, 1980

His Story: Dingdong started out really, really young: he appeared in a milk commercial at two years old. As a teen, he was a dancer in an all male group Abztract Dancers. Teenage Dingdong appeared in many youth-oriented drama and flicks, being paired with many actresses before his full leading man potential was realized in 2001. From then on, his handsome face never left the primetime shows. From acting to hosting, Dingdong can pull it off! And his talent paired with his strong physical aura is his foolproof secret for his long reign in the Philippine showbiz industry.



Sexiest Moments: Dingdong’s sexual appeal is so strong he doesn’t have to strip down his clothes. But when this Leo does strip, the excitement becomes so strong ladies go gaga. So yes, the sexiest Dingdong would be the one in his underwear!

Love Life: Dingdong is in a relationship with top Filipina actress Marian Rivera for about six years now. Sorry girls but our #2 is off the market unfortunately.

 1.      Piolo Pascual


Why He’s Extra Hot: Piolo is a hunky matinee idol who can sing! I mean, come on, what girl will not fall in love with a man who can sing his heart out? Add to that the fact that this man has about twenty best actor awards and is almost six feet tall, and is dark and incredibly handsome!

Birth Date: January 12, 1977

His Story: Before becoming the Philippines’ “Ultimate Heartthrob”, even superstar Piolo has to start from humble beginnings. He was around since the early 1990’s but it was only in the 2000’s when Piolo became phenomenal. At this time, his love team produced a string of blockbuster movies and soap operas. But this award-winning actor has still more to give: he eventually released albums which went either platinum or gold. Later on he built his own film studio Spring Films which released the hit comedy movie Kimmy Dora.



Sexiest Moments: Piolo in steamy, romantic scenes! But either with clothes on or shirtless, this Capricorn sizzles with sex appeal you can heat popcorn while just standing a few feet from him. A straight male friend of mine once said: “When I accidentally saw Piolo, I almost turned gay.” True story!

Love Life: This mixed Filipino, Spanish and German breath-stopper has a teenage son but remains unmarried. Recently he is rumored to be dating Filipina actress Shaina Magdayao. But they’re just dating… and that still makes him a bachelor! And a really, hot one!

From native morenos to mestizos, these hunks are incredibly talented and stunning. But while their handsome faces and sex appeal are enough to make any girl scream with thrill, one has to remember that they are Filipinos, meaning, they are warm, friendly and caring! Turns you on a bit more, eh?

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