7 Best Gemini Traits


Gemini is the third sign of the Zodiac; the last sign of spring, it welcomes the summer. For this reason the sign goes hand in hand with vitality, bright colors and warmth. The symbol of Gemini is two intertwined twins. Whilst it is not known if this is supposed to be male/female twins or twins of the same sex, it is known to represent opposites. Many celebrities were born between May 21 and June 21 under the sign of Gemini, such as Johnny Depp or Angelina Jolie. Of course, this doesn’t mean they have double personalities. Let’s just say they’re complex, like most Gemini. To better understand the sign here are seven of their best traits:

Gemini Traits

  1. Physically attractive

Most of us would like to stay young forever. Those lucky enough to be born under this star sign have an advantage. They’re naturally youthful, charming and beautiful. Even if life is hard on them they will retain their youthful looks for longer than the majority of us. It should be noted that a healthy lifestyle will help! Gemini are well-aware of their looks; this means they’re quite confident in their abilities, too.

  1. Multi Tasking

A Gemini tends to be naturally able to do several things at once. A very useful trait considering the demands placed on the average person in today’s hectic society.  Not only are they able to juggle work load but inevitably they can achieve all the tasks successfully. The creative nature of a Gemini pushes them to be constantly on the go making multi tasking essential. Every company should want to have on their hands a Gemini. They’re hard-workers too, extremely attentive to detail, and thorough.

  1. Excellent communicators

Communication is essential to get the best results or make people understand what you’re trying to achieve. Fortunately, if you are born under the Gemini sign, you are a natural communicator able to deliver smart one liner’s or entire speeches. People naturally will confide in a Gemini helping them to stay one step ahead of the game. Gemini are excellent orators, too. They like to be in the center of attention and they always have something useful to day. Furthermore, Gemini are teachers; they want to share experiences with the people around them, and they’re not afraid to showcase their weaknesses if that is needed to help someone attain a goal.

gemini sign

  1. Sense of humor

In really difficult situations, humor can be our savior. The ability to lighten any situation or ensure people are having fun is just part of being a Gemini. The natural ability to amuse a room full of people is also very much a part of your character. This skill can be used to defuse explosive situations. The quick, witty report usually earns the respect of your peers. In a world of stressed people, we would do anything for some humor. Gemini are funny people; they’re jokers and they are able of making even the saddest person smile.

  1. Conflict between Mind and Heart

To some extent everyone has this trait, but a Gemini has this at the forefront of their personality. As summarised by their symbol, two opposites pulling in different directions. Gemini’s tend to see life from two very distinct and quite possibly opposite perspectives. This leads to internal conflict, morality issues and practical issues in day-to-day living.To balance against this, a Gemini tends to look for significant spiritual events to reinforce their beliefs.

  1. Child-Like Approach

Naturally-born as explorers or adventures, Gemini’s are always looking for a new challenge or new idea. They have a natural enthusiasm for life and are not concerned with following the conventional route. Making their own path through life has the additional benefit of making them excellent partners. They are good for confiding in and will never be dismissive of your ideas. Gemini love variety and get bored by repetitive events or stagnation. The zodiac star might seem a bit tricky, and the people caring this sign have a child-like approach, which means they want to feel cared for, and needed. They thrive for attention.

  1. Multi-faceted Nature

The ability to be unpredictable, to surprise others at every turn should never be underestimated. Gemini’s are naturally unpredictable making them fun to be around and able to change direction at the job of the hat. Being open to all experiences means they can truly follow their heart, surprising their friends and family at every turn. This openness to life allows them to promote diversity in themselves and others. They can think outside the box and see a problem from many different angles at the same time.

All in all, Gemini’s are complex people. Yes, the zodiac sign is complex and rather challenging for other signs to understand. Nevertheless, we must emphasize that Gemini are caring, funny, multi-faced and peaceful. They might have more than one personality, but they’re vibrant individuals who enjoy life to the fullest.