9 Signs You’ve Found Your Future Husband

So you’ve been seeing this guy for quite some time and you REALLY like him; but is he ‘the one’? Instead of sitting there questioning yourself and your relationship, check out these 9 signs that you have found your future husband and make the decision easier on yourself.


  1. You Can Be Yourself Around Him

I certainly would not want to be in a relationship with someone I couldn’t be myself around, let alone spend my life with them; would you? Absolutely not! If you are one hundred percent comfortable around your man and you don’t feel the need to hide anything about yourself- the good AND the bad- then that’s a really good sign he may be your life partner after all.

  1. And He Loves You for Who You Are

Of course, it wouldn’t mean much if you could be yourself around him but he doesn’t accept you for who you are. If you are totally yourself around him- he knows all of your flaws, all of your secrets, all of the silly things that make you laugh- and he actually loves and accepts you for it, then it’s probably a good idea to keep this man around. There’s truly nothing like having someone love you for you no matter how unique or weird or funny you may be.


  1. He Makes You Happy

When you’re having a bad day, he is the first one you run to. He can instantly make you feel better just by grabbing you and pulling you in for a deep, loving hug. You can talk to him about your problems and he will make you laugh when you don’t even want to put a smile on your face. He makes you happy- maybe not ALL the time, but the good times definitely outweigh the bad times. And ladies, you should always be with someone who makes you happy!

  1. He Listens and Respects You
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Always be with a man who respects you, whether you date him for a day or 40 years. And if he actually listens to what you have to say, and respects what you tell him and all of your opinions, he is someone you need to have around. Respect is one of THEE most important parts of a relationship, so if there is no respect then you need to walk sooner than later.


  1. There’s Undeniable Compatibility

Even after months of dating you still can’t get over how incredibly attractive he is. Even after 40 dates together and texting all day long there’s still plenty of fun and conversation. There’s undeniable compatibility when it comes to both appearance and conversation. The two of you have fun doing absolutely nothing together and simply enjoy being with one another. Is this someone you’ll be attracted to in 20 years? Probably. If it’s been going strong this long, there’s a good chance it will continue in a positive direction for many years to come.

  1. There’s No Wandering Eye

When you are in love with someone completely- and you’re not questioning it in any way- you don’t think about cheating. You don’t think about being with ANYONE else. I mean sure, you may still be attracted to other individuals, that’s human nature; but you would never think about acting on those thoughts or lusts. You love your man and only want HIM.

  1. You Can Get Through the Bad Times

Relationships go through some pretty heavy times. There’s going to be plenty of arguments, disagreements, fights, you name it! But the relationship that can get through the bad times always come out stronger. Those are the relationships that are built to last. If you end it over the silliest argument or can’t get through an extremely hard time, then you’re not in a relationship that’s designed to last till the end.

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  1. Share the Same Future Goals

It’s really rather simple girls: if you have entirely different goals for your future, it’s probably not going to work. You need to find someone that shares similar interests and goals as you, so the two of you can work on them TOGETHER. If you’re going in opposite directions, how can you think you’re going to spend the rest of your LIFE with this individual? It’s simply the cold hard truth. So decide whether or not the two of you are on the same page and have similar goals for your future before deciding whether or not your man is ‘hubby material’.

  1. You Want to Share the Rest of Your Life With Him

Yes I know- you came to this article because you wanted me to help you make the decision on whether or not this guy should be your future husband. But at the end of the day, it’s up to you! It is a HUGE decision, too; so don’t take it lightly. Think about it thoroughly: is this someone you could truly spend the rest of your LIFE with? Marriage is a big commitment- it is SUPPOSED to be until death do you part (although it doesn’t work like that all the time, of course) – so really think about that before deciding whether or not you want this man to be your husband. Decide if you want him to be the man you wake up to every morning and the man you fall asleep by every night.

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Ladies that are married- how did you know he was ‘the one’? Share your experiences with us!