120+ Meaningful Rose Tattoo Designs


3D Rose tattoo

As one of the most admired flowers, roses of different species and colors have long been favorite subjects for artists in paintings, illustrations. Rose tattoos are prevalent for their rich symbolic meanings as well as their beauty. Rose tattoo is one of popular tattoo ideas for both and men and women.


A prickly rose forearm tattoo

Some say thorns represent an idea of love that comes with sacrifices, others say roses tattooed with thorns is for people who don’t pay much attention to outer beauty. What can be said for sure is that tattoo of roses with thorns shows less sensitivity and romance and looks wonderful in black and white shades.

Roses Gakkin tattoo, Kyoto ,Japan

Tattoos have served as rites of passage, marks of status and rank, symbols of religious and spiritual devotion, decorations for bravery, sexual lures and marks of fertility, pledges of love, punishment, amulets and talismans, protection, and as the marks of outcasts, slaves and convicts. The symbolism and impact of tattoos varies in different places and cultures.

Rose sleeve tattoo

The meaning of roses varies by colors. Red roses represent Love, Beauty, Romantic Love, and yellow roses express joy, and friendship, while a dark red rose stands for unconscious beauty and black rose symbolizes death and passing away. It can also be the beginning of new things, a journey into unexplored territory. Rose tattoos often appear together with other object, representing integrated meanings. Here we have a careful collection to showcase 50+ fabulous rose tattoo designs by different artists. Absolutely beautiful! Let us know the one you like the best.

Rose Tattoo

Beautiful tattoo done in black and grey realism technique. Roses successfully complete composition, decoratively framing a peace sign. This is also a perfect example of a rose tattoo used as love symbol.


Rose with portrait tattoo

Rose sleeve tattoo

Rose shoulder tattoo

Rose neck tattoo

Rose forearm tattoo

Rose back tattoo

Pink rose tattoo

Amazing rose tattoo

Amazing rose tattoo on thigh

3D rose back tattoo for women

Waterclolr rose tattoo


Rose with hand tattoo on half sleeve


Amazing red rose tattoo


Amazing bule rose tattoo


Amazing red rose tattoo


Illustration style rose with watch tattoo


Rose with skull sleeve tattoo


Rsoe falarm tattoo


watercolor rose back tattoo


Watercolor rose leg tattoo for women


Watercolor rose tattoo on back for women


3D Pink rose tattoo half sleeve tattoo


Watercolor rose tattoo


3D Pink rose tattoo


3D Pink rose tattoo


3D Rose tattoo


Amazing pink rose sleeve tattoo for women


Amazing red rose back tattoo


Beautiful rose tattoo


Black rose shoulder tattoo


Colored rose tattoo


Illustrition black rose forearm tattoo


Watercolor rose tattoo


Illustrition black rose tattoo-


Red colored rose tattoo


Illustration rose chest tattoo for men


Pink rose thigh tattoo


Red rose sleeve tattoo


Rose and mandala tattoo


Rose bud thigh tattoo


Rose calf tattoo for girl


Rose calf tattoo


Rose finger tattoo


Rose half sleeve tattoo for girl


Rose half sleeve tattoo


Rose leg tattoo for men


Rose shoulder tattoo


Rose sleeve tattoo


Rose tattoo


Rose tattoo for girl


Rose tattoo on back


Watercolor rose shoulder tattoo


Rose tattoo


Rose thigh tattoo


Rose half sleeve tattoo




Rose wrist tattoo

Rose tattoo design by hamysart


Watercolor rose half sleeve tattoo

Hand tattoo rose

Amazingly executed red rose tattoo done in realism style. Hands are one of the most popular places for red rose tattoos. It is also a perfect way to finish full or half sleeve tattoo.

Tattoo roses by eugene

Tattoo rose

As symbol of love, rose tattoos often supplemented by inscriptions of the names of loved ones, parents or friends. On photo above depicted one of the classic rose tattoos devoted to mother. American traditional, old school style one of the best choices for rose tattoo like this.

Rose tattoo

Rose with thorns

Rose tattoo by miguel angel tattoo

Rose tattoo by gettattoo

Rose tattoo by drunkenfairy

Rose tattoo by cubistpanther

Rose and rosary

Rosary paired with red rose made in realism with the addition of graphical elements. This tattoo looks very feminine and is usually chosen by the owner for expression of faith or religion.

Rose tattoo by Schroderator

Right side

What would make a good revolver tattoo? Of course an addition of roses! Such contrasting images look great both on a female, and a male body.

Number seven

My rose

Color rose on the neck is also a popular choice among fans of tattoo art. Despite the visibility, neck rose tattoo is able to complement the existing tattoo compositions on the body. Best of all, if it is done in the same style as the rest of the tattoos person have.

My new tattoo by Mario Desa

Roses made in traditional American style can be combined with other images, such as butterflies. So romantic and sensual tattoos are often chosen by women. The combination of insects and flowers has been in the tattooing for many years.

Dead rose

9. Black Rose made in the traditional American style. Usually black rose tattoos are associated with death and mourning. However, apart from the dark symbolism, black roses can also represent the rebellion, the end of a long and difficult path, or endless hope.

Rose Tattoo Designs

Tribal Rose Tattoo

Roses tattoo

Tribal rose tattoo

Rose Tattoo


Rose Tattoo


Rose Tattoo

There are several ways to create the black and white tattoo. With grey wash (which is in fact a translucent black ink). Or using the actual white and gray ink. The latter technique is best for realism tattoos as on photo above.

Live and dead roses


Different roses


Clock n roses


Rose Tattoo


Back roses


My rose tattoo


Panther Head with Roses


Rose Tattoo


Rose Tattoo


Roses, ladybugs, and poem


Roses foot

Rose tattoos look very nice on the feet. Despite the high morbidity of this place, many people decide to decorate their feet with colorful tattoos. It is worth mentioning, that the healing process of a tattoo on this part of the body requires a quality care and attentiveness.

Freehand/custom rose tattoo


Realistic Rose Tattoo Color


Rose Foot


Guns n roses tattoo, shaded


Coloured rose tattoo

The red rose in conjunction with the two words – Mum and Dad, is a very clear expression of love to the parents of the wearer.

Shaded roses tattoo

Tattoos in the form of roses are perfect for decorating the loin. Girls around the world choose this place for a tattoo. For symmetry roses can be supplemented with abstract patterns or spike stems as in the photo.

Roses on side tattoo


Roses with vines on side tattoo


Rose Tattoo


Rose Tattoo – black and grey

For more original and filled composition is better to combine open and closed roses in one sketch. This type of tattoo should be done in realistic style. In addition, tattoo artist can play with color to get a very bright and colorful rose tattoo.

Healed Roses

Every year, the realism is gaining popularity in tattoo art. That is not surprising. After all, even the most usual tattoo made in realism looks extravagant and original. How, for example, this tattoo with roses and butterflies (pictured).

Rose flower with ornaments


Rose Tattoo


Rose Tattoo

In the world of tattoos blue roses symbolize fantasy, something unattainable or even impossible. Despite the interesting symbolism, they are chosen less often than red or black roses. To get the most spectacular look – complement blue roses with purple and pink.

Rose Tattoo


Good ol’ rose


Roses and name tattoo


Roses on thigh and hip tattoo


Rose Tattoo


Rose Tattoo