Latest Kitchen Tiles Designs -Our Best 15 With Pictures

Kitchens are a very important part of everyone’s life and statistics show that people spend at least 25% of their time in their kitchens at home. Due to this it is of great value that you keep your kitchen clean and fashionable and this is where kitchen tiles come in. By accessorizing your kitchen with some in vogue tiling concepts you will be adding to the elegance and importance of your kitchen that both your family and visitors will enjoy and revere.

Kitchens come in different shapes and sizes and one does not resemble another because each person’s ideas are unique from one another. Because of this there are a variety of tiles you can choose from that will match your kitchen perfectly so take your time and browse the catalogue before you go ahead and purchase anything. Given below are a few great and modern kitchen tiles with images which are available in india for your home to make it easier for you to choose.

Latest Kitchen Tiles Designs In India With Pictures:

1. Complete White Tiles For Kitchen:

kitchen tiles designs1

Probably the most common yet completely unique tiling concept, this flooring goes well with every home decor possible and therefore is a very versatile tiling concept for your kitchen. The complete white tiles look great when using a complete floor covering tile or sing multiple tiles at once and looks great for your bathroom as well.

2. Back Splash Designing Kitchen Tiles :

kitchen tiles designs2

One of the most elaborate kitchen tiling designs in the world today, these tiles will do well to set the mood for one of the best kitchens in your city. Accessorize with some potted plants if you wish and maintain the kitchen to have one of the best kitchens for a long time.

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3. Zig Zag Pattern Tiles For Kitchen:

kitchen tiles designs3

One of the most elaborate things you can do with kitchen tiles are pick the design that catches your eye the most. In this case the zig zag wooden feel design is an absolute beauty for any luxurious home. The tiles will surely increase the ability of making your kitchen a one of a kind concept.

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4. Checks Designed Tiles For Kitchen:

kitchen tiles designs4

Checks are probably the most common kitchen tile design which is used all over the world. Checks can maintain a variety of different colours but black and white is the most used. checks are available in both large and small sizes and look great when matched with a medium sized kitchen.

5. Tile Wood For Kitchen:

kitchen tiles designs5

Tile wood is the next big thing in kitchen flooring and is different from other tiles by the texture, feel and look of the tiles. Truly a great tile set for your kitchen, the tile wood concept is an absolute beauty when compared to other tile designs in the world.

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6. Floor Covering Tiles Model:

kitchen tiles designs6

If you want to save yourself the trouble of hiring people to attach smaller tiles one by one to your floor then one large tile will be enough to completely fill up your whole kitchen. The complete tile can be cut to fit the size of your kitchen so make sure you take your measurements with you.

7. Bamboo Tiles:

kitchen tiles designs7

Kitchen tiles can be accessorized in a much better fashion as compared to all the other tile concepts at home and in this case this tile concept is testament to the fact. Bamboo tiles add a sense of decor and brightness to your kitchen and can range from one wall to the entire kitchen which is perfect if you have a small or medium sized kitchen. For a large kitchen use a limited amount of these tiles to accessorize better. It is one of the modern and innovative tile for kitchen.

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8. Ash Bricks For Kitchen:

kitchen tiles designs8

Another greatly used design for kitchens around the world, there are several colours you can choose from though the ash colour looks the best in regards to this tile design.

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 9. Glory Gold Design Kitchen Tile:

Glory Gold Design Kitchen Tile

This kitchen tile idea is perfect match for every kitchen. Most of the tiles are plain while some tile is having pattern of kettle and tea cup of golden colour. This concept looks mind-blowing with wooden colour furniture. The wall of the kitchen is very big to deliver attractive look of tiles. This tile design is having two different shapes of kettle.

10. Patchwork Design Kitchen Tile:

Patchwork Design Kitchen Tile

This kitchen tiles design is glowing with patchwork design. It possesses designs of many different shapes and colours on base white tile. Your wall will get surely highlighted with this pattern of tiles and it will appear to be eye-catchy. Kitchens of village areas and traditional theme based kitchen usually apply these designs of tiles. Even the utensils kept on stand are also made up of sand which is again a traditional concept.

11. Floral Printed Kitchen Tiles:

Floral Printed Kitchen Tiles

This modern kitchen tile is looking extremely beautiful with floral print. It seems like real flowers are kept over tiles. The finishing on flowers given is just superb that one will forget to say anything while seeing. This tile is beaming up with the help of LED bulbs. It is appearing as glass painting instead of tiles. This will prove out to be outstanding part of your kitchen.

12. Layered Style Kitchen Tile:

Layered Style Kitchen Tile

This is latest kitchen tile design having design of minor small cubes. Many layers are designed in these tiles with variety of colours. This dark and light shade of colours looks like a desert. One who enters your kitchen will surely notice this design for some time. This is really a new concept in tile design. If you are going to renovate your kitchen then go through this concept and leave the viewers spellbound.

13. Creative Kitchen Tile Design:

Creative Kitchen Tile Design

This design of kitchen tiles is made with great creativity.  Geometric shapes are used to cut these tiles. In middle portion, swallowed tiles are attached that seems like balls are half cut and affixed. This half ball pattern is looking charismatic with its unique pattern. It is an interesting and fascinating idea to fix such type of tiles. This pure white tile is adding radiance to other furniture items.

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14. 3D Technology used for Kitchen Tile:

3D Technology used for Kitchen Tile

This kitchen design tile is created with 3D technology. Normal square design of black and white colour has been given unique concept. On seeing, it feels like one tile is kept over another. When seeing for the first time, people will even get afraid to walk on it. This design will be amusing for kids and they will try to catch it. It is a masterpiece and salute should be given to its designer. Sometimes even the owner may get mesmerized by it.

15. Vibrant pattern Kitchen Tile:

Vibrant pattern Kitchen Tile

This latest tiles for kitchen is having oceanic concept and feel. On floor an ocean like design is created with the help designer tiles. Real sea creatures are painted on tiles and the wall is having tree design tiles. The whole kitchen is appearing to be an ocean. Water blue colour is flashing on floor tiles which is exhibiting the real experience of having under water kitchen. This new concept of kitchen tile will gain momentum and will be hit.

You may find enormous designs in latest kitchen tiles which will give you a thrilling experience. The designs are simply captivating and magical. It will add grace to your kitchen and people will love to spend time over there. This latest kitchen tile design is having so much effect that it will bind you to apply in your kitchen. Decorate your kitchen with this designer tiles and you will feel freshness and newness in your kitchen.

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