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Rangolis play a massive role in the different Indian rituals. They are a common sight during the festive season. Rangolis are basically pattern drawn by the Indians on the floor with ground rice. Monochrome rangolis are considered to be the most beautiful ones. There are many complex and intricate rangoli designs, but the most beautiful ones are the ones with dots. This article will educate you about the best rangoli designs that sport the dot pattern.

Simple and Attractive Rangoli Designs With Dots:

1. The Colorful South Indian Dotted Rangoli:

rangoli designs with dots

This type of rangoli design is followed in festivals such as Pongal. The design is filled with beautiful colors which build up the whole design. The rangoli also sports a beautiful four-sided pattern which makes it look authentic

2. The Most Complex Rangoli Design with Dots:

The most complex rangoli design with dots

This design is different from any design you have ever seen. It displays an octagon design which sports simple patterns inside the design with dots. The dots are connected with each other using a different color which makes this design so unique.

3. The Simple Dotted Rangoli Design:

The simple dotted rangoli design

This design is a simple one compared to the previous ones. Here a circle is drawn in the middle and other intricate patterns are done surrounding the main circle. Without a doubt, this is one of the most beautiful festive rangoli designs ever and is often been done on Bengali occasions.

4. The Five Parallel Dots Design:

The five parallel dots design

This beautiful 5 dotted design is very beautiful. On the center, a dot is done and an intricate pattern is done by joining the four dots on the four corners. Many small dots are drawn throughout the design which are further joined. Many colors can be applied on the blank portions of this design. However, yellow, red and blue will be the best color combination for this design.

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5. The Dot Rangoli Design for Diwali:

The dot rangoli design for Diwali

This design is often sighted during occasions such as Diwali. Like the previous one, this design is also done using the parallel dot pattern. Here, white and pink ground rice are used to adorn the rangoli design. So now you now how to do it, keep it on your to do list for next Diwali.

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6. Rangoli Design with Dots for Beginners:

Rangoli design with dots for beginners

This is a much easier design and it intended for beginners. Here, leaves and flowers are done with dots inside them. You don’t have to be an expert for doing this design. Anyone can do easily with patience. Different colors can be used to make this design look more attractive.

7. The Small Dot Rangoli Design:

The small dot rangoli design

This small dot rangoli design is a masterpiece. It sports a unique dotted pattern which are further joined together. Many ground rice colors can be applied to this design to make it look more attractive. It is one of the best rangoli designs ever.

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8. The Small Rangoli Design with Dots:

The Small Rangoli Design with Dots

This is the most beautiful rangoli with dots. Here, the picture is drawn roughly on a paper before its final application. The dots are drawn in a parallel pattern and filled with beautiful colors which beautify the whole design.

9. The Dotted Floral Mehndi Design:

The dotted floral mehndi design

This particular rangoli design is filled with beautiful floral patterns. Dots are done in between and to the sides of the floral designs. In the center, there is another unique pattern which seems to be controlling the whole design.

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