Emily Browning Bra Size Height Weight

Bra Size




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5 feet 1.75 inches or 157 centimeters


112.5 pounds or 51 kilograms

Boyfriends and Spouses

Max Turner: (2007-2010) Emily began dating Max Turner in 2007. They stayed together until January of 2010 when they announced their breakup.

Max Irons: (2011-2012) Apparently, Emily has a thing for guys named Max. She met Max Irons, the British actor, in Los Angeles. They began dating around May of 2011 and stayed together until July of 2012.

Xavier Samuel: (2012-Current) In a departure from her previous relationships, Emily Browning dated a man not named Max. They began working together on the set of the film, Plush, in 2012. After meeting, they began dating and are still together.

Plastic Surgery

She has not had any known plastic surgery procedures.

Net Worth

She has never reported her net worth publicly, so any figures are more estimates than actual sums. In general, most celebrity magazines place her net worth in the ball park area of $5 to $8 million.

Birth Name

Her name at birth was Emily Jane Browning.


She goes by the names of Lily, Emily and Em.


Emily Browning was born on December 7 of 1988, so she is currently 26 years old. She will turn 27 years old in December of 2015.

Sun Sign

Browning’s sun sign is Sagitarrius.

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Birth Location

Emily Browning was born in the city of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia.


She is an Australian citizen by birth.


As a teenager, she went to Eltham High School. She ultimately received the Victorian Certificate of Education in November of 2006.

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Father: Andrew Browning
Mother: Shelley Browning
Brothers: Nicholas Browning and Matthew Browning


She is fairly petite, with a height of just 5’1”. Emily is of slender build.


Emily Browning is an actress.

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Hair Color

She has light brown hair.

Eye Color

Emily Browning has green eyes.

Dress Size

4 (US)

Distinctive Features

She is known for her porcelain skin, high cheekbones and extremely cute facial features.


She is Caucasian and has English ancestry.

Shoe Size

Her shoe size is unknown, although it is probably fairly small because of her height.


Although her religion affiliation is unknown, it is speculated to be atheistic.

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Best Known For

Her most famous role to date was as Violet Baudelaire. She played Violet in the 2004 film of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. Fans may also recognize her from her role as katie Harwood in Ghost Ship in 2002. She was also the character of Babydoll in 2011’s film, S*cker Punch.

First Television Show

The first time she appeared on television was in 1999. Emily Browning played the character of Cleo in the children’s show, Thunderstone. This Australian television was only on air for one season before it was canceled.

First Film

Emily Browning was on film for the first time in 1998. She played the character of Opal Ritchie in the movie, the Echo of Thunder. This Australian drama was based off of the book called Thunderwith.

First Singles

Although she is primarily an actress, Emily Browning has had to sing in films in the past. She sang in the movies, Plush and S*cker Punch. Browning also sang a version of the song, Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) in 2011. It was a remake of the 1983 classic by Eurythmics.

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Emily Browning’s Favorite Things

Her favorite things have not been reported.

Emily Browning Facts

Emily Browning is primarily a vegetarian and does not eat meat, although she does eat fish.
Originally, Browning was considered for a role in Twilight. She is glad that she did not get the part because she would have quit acting if she had to deal with that level of fame.
Browning has two pets: a dog and a cat. They are named Roxy and Jasper.
One of her craziest interviews for an acting role was via Skype.
To learn an American accent for one of her films, she watched Sesame Street over and over.
As some fans may have noticed, Emily has a pierced nose and a belly button piercing.
To prepare for the movie, S*cker Punch, Emily spent three months training in marital arts with Navy SEALs. She had to do six hours of working out on a daily basis to get in shape for the role.

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