Top 20 Hottest Black Men (Part Two)

Have you seen the first part of this series? If not, check out Top 20 Hottest Black Men (Part One). Here you will see such beautiful smiles and ripped bodies offered by Dolvett Quince, one of the trainers on The Biggest Loser. You’ll also have seen Blair Underwood, the guy behind Miranda not able to say “I Love You” in the hit TV show Sex and the City. We also saw Pharrell, Lil Wayne and even Drake. Who could we possibly offer you next?

Things are about to get a lot hotter ladies. We are going to see some of the most beautiful black men in the world. We already gave you a few hints right at the end of the last part of the Hottest Black Men series – Michael Ealy, Will Smith and Usher! We wonder where they will fall in our top ten?!

Without any further ado, let’s jump into our top ten list of the Top 20 Hottest Black Men:

10 – Michael Ealy

Michael Ealy

You didn’t need to wait too long for him girls – we come to Michael Ealy.

This guy is an American actor, in case you didn’t know and was originally born in Maryland, USA on August 3rd, 1973. He’s been in a few pretty impressive films over the years. There was the formidable Seven Pounds which saw him starring alongside Hollywood great, Will Smith. He was also in Underworld: Awakening, Barbershop back in 2002, and 2 Fast 2 Furious in 2003. He’s been a bit of a busy boy, hasn’t he?

Unfortunately for us ladies, Michael Ealy is in a relationship with someone called Khatira Rafiqzada and he married her in October of last year (2012). For those of us that are saddened by this news, life is going to get better, especially when you take a look at the stuff that will be released over the coming months starring this hottest of hot black men in Hollywood.

Michael Ealy 2

He’s in a TV show this year called Almost Human, and there is also a film in post-production, due to be released in 2014. This film is called About Last Night and is a comedy drama that also features the likes of Kevin Hart, Paula Patton and Regina Hall.

9 – The Game

The Game

These days he calls himself just “Game” but he will always still be “The Game” in our eyes, right ladies? He’s hot, tattooed, black, a rapper and blinged up… What more could you possibly want from your melt-in-the-mouth chocolate brown fix?

His real name is just as gangsta as his stage name – Jayceon Terrell Taylor, and he was born in LA in California, USA on November 29th, 1979. Best known as a rapper for the West Side hip hop scene, he is classed as the protégé of the unbelievably talented Dr. Dre! It doesn’t hurt to say that the Dre is your best friend, does it?

Following the trend of Lil Wayne, the black rapper, The Game, now has three kids and he was set to marry the model and actress, Valeisha Butterfield but unfortunately, the engagement was called off back in 2006, just one year before they were due to get hitched.

The Game 2

The Game has been in and out of the media over the years for various altercations and continually gets himself into trouble with the law, it would seem. That seems to be what black rappers do best these days – being gangsta; but we still love him for it nevertheless!

8 – Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart

We mentioned Kevin Hart when we spoke about Michael Ealy earlier. They will be starring in a comedy romance in 2014 called About Last Night. Not just an actor, he is also a comedian and a damn funny one at that! If you ever get the chance, you should definitely check out some of his stuff. He has us on the floor laughing and we bet he will for you too! Let’s face it ladies; we’re pretty predictable. We all love a guy that can make us laugh, right?

He was born in Philadelphia on July 6th, 1979 and he wasn’t always the funny guy that we know and love him to be today. His very first gig, which he did under the stage name Lil Kev, really didn’t go according to plan and in fact, he was booed off stage and even had bits of chicken thrown at him! Poor guy!

Kevin Hart 2

Luckily for Kevin Hart, things got better and so did his stand up shows. He is now one of the greatest comedians in America, and he has even started to make it big in the UK!

He got married in 2003 and him and his wife, Torrei Hart now have a couple of kids together but unfortunately, the marriage didn’t make it. There was a bit of a custody battle and an alimony case and although the pair of them can laugh at it now in their respective comedy acts, (she’s a comedienne too) you can still see that it is a bit of a sore subject…

Technically, that means he is single now…

7 – Jamie Foxx


Come on – who doesn’t love this guy. He’s been floating around in the celeb world for a while now. Some of you may know him because of his musical career, for others it might be his acting roles. Whatever it is, he sure got swag, don’t he?

Eric Marlon Bishop is his real name and he was originally born in Texas, USA on December 13th, 1967. A Grammy award winning musician plus a Golden Globe Award winner as well, he certainly has talent as well as swag!

He’s been in a few films over the past few years and you’ve probably heard of them – Django Unchained, for example, saw Jamie Foxx working as the voice of Django; the lead character in the movie. There was also Horrible Bosses back in 2011, Rio in the same year, and even Law Abiding Citizen in 2009. We LOVE that movie!

Jamie Foxx 2

He’s been a busy boy recently and he’s going to be in a few more movies so if you love the guy, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to check him out. Rio 2 is in post-production, due to be released next year, as well as The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and even Annie.

6 – Barack Obama

Barack Obama

He’s the most powerful man in the world which means he definitely belongs on this list, right? And let’s face it; he’s one of the hottest presidents the USA has ever seen. Michelle Obama is one lucky woman, that’s for sure!

His real name is Barack Hussein Obama and he was born in Hawaii! What a cool place to be born in, right? His birthday is August 4th and he was born in 1961. For those of you that are interested, he was first assumed in the office back in January 20th, 2009. Another little bit of useless information for you – he used to smoke cigarettes and had tried to give up for years. Back in 2010, it was his wife that confirmed the suspicions that he had finally manage to kick the habit for good! Great going Barack Obama for giving up smoking!!

5 – Usher


Oh come on – you can’t mention the hottest black guys without having a mention for Usher and in many cases, women would probably argue that he deserves to hold the number one spot on this list. We had a tough time deciding who should go where, that’s for sure!

Believe it or not, Usher actually first started singing at the incredibly young age of 6! Back then he didn’t quite have the Hip Hop swag that he has going on now – he was in the choir back then but we bet he rocked that too!

Not just a choir singer, he is also now known to be one of the most talented singers, dancers and songwriters in the world and not only that but he has also branched into acting!


Born in Texas, USA on October 14th, 1978, he is an award winning artist with eight Grammy Awards, and to date, he has sold over sixty-five million records in the world. That’s an incredible amount!


Do you remember Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas out of the girl group TLC? Well Usher dated her for a couple of years but in 2003 there was a very public break-up. It would seem that he had cheated from the lyrics of the songs that were on the Confessions album, and she admitted that he had done the ultimate betrayal to her, but he had denied the rumours to be true.

4 – Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton

The on again slash off again relationship that he had with Pussycat Doll, Nicole Scherzinger is definitely off again so for you ladies this means that he is back on the market. Perfect timing!

He’s very young but when you look at the stuff he has achieved in his life, you can understand why he belongs on the list of the Top 20 Hottest Black Men! Born on January 7th, 1985 in Hertfordshire in the UK, he is one of the Formula One’s biggest names, and once his relationship had kick-started with the ex-Pussycat Doll, he just got hotter and more celeb-worthy.

Lewis Hamilton2

He’s won 22 Grand Prix races as well as the hearts of millions of women all around the world and on top of that, he was also given an MBE by the Queen! What’s not to love about that?

Unfortunately for Lewis, he’s a bit of a bad boy at times and although us women rock it, his career certainly doesn’t. In 2007 for example, he was caught and got into trouble for speeding meaning that he lost his license for a while. That’s not the only time that he has gotten in trouble for being reckless in the vehicle but maybe his life is like his racing – fast & furious?

Lewis Hamilton3

He is technically mixed race with his mother being White British and his father being Black British. He certainly belongs on the list though, don’t you think? He is super hot!

3 – Chris Brown

Chris Brown

This guy is one that is definitely going to start a fight among the women for sure! Chris Brown sure does love his controversy, especially when it comes to his on-off girlfriend, Rihanna….

Christopher Maurice Brown was born on May 5th, 1989 and from a young age, he started teaching himself to sing. From Virginia in the states, he may be tattooed and badass but he sure does belong on the list of the Top 20 Hottest Black Men!

Chris Brown2

He’s had a number of hit songs over the years from his duet with Jordin Sparks on “No Air’” plus working alongside Justin Bieber on “Next To You”. Back in 2009, he was in a lot of trouble for an alleged fight with his then-grlfriend Rihanna in which she ended up rather badly beated and he pleaded guilty to some pretty nasty charges, resulting in six months of community service plus probation and counselling for domestic violence. It was very high-profile and when they later apparently reunited in 2012. Early on of this year, Rihanna spoke out about her relationship with Chris Brown saying that they were very much on again, but just a few months later, Brown admitted that they had once again broken up in an interview.

Chris Brown3

We are sure they will end up as on again real soon… That’s what they do, right?

2 – Will Smith

Will Smith

Who doesn’t love this amazing guy? He’s a doting husband, a loving and supportive partner, an actor, a singer, a TV star and a household name in all the countries across the globe, especially for his roles in the out of this world films I am Legend and the Men in Black series.

Willard Carroll Smith, Jnr is from Pennsylvania in the states and was born on September 25th, 1968. He has won a total of four Grammy Awards. On top of that, he has been nominated for a pretty impressive four Golden Globe Awards plus a couple of Academy Awards too.

You can see how much of an amazing father he is – he has one kid from when he was married to Sheree Zampino and he was in Will Smith’s music video for “Just The Two Of Us”. He later married an actress called Jada Pinkett Smith and they now have two kids together – Jaden Christopher Smith who appeared as Smith’s son in the mind-blowingly fabulous film The Pursuit of Happiness, and Willow Camille Reign who was his daughter in the film we spoke about earlier – I Am Legend.

Will Smith2

He is well into politics it would seem, especially when it comes to the number 6on our list – Barack Obama. He held a fundraising event for the 2012 Obama-Biden campaign and he managed to get together a whopping five hundred thousand dollars to help the fellow hottest black man contender in his political career!

1 – Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

Although more mixed-race than black, Jesse Williams has hearts fluttering all over the world, with his beautiful eyes and dark and mysterious look about him. He is best known for his part in the American TV series Grey’s Anatomy in which he played Dr. Jackson Avery. He’s been in a few films too – you may remember him from Cabin in the Woods?

You might not believe it but you could probably put his good looks down to the fact that his father is African-American, whilst his mother is Swedish. That’s the beautiful tanned skin and gorgeous baby blue eyes sorted. We can only imagine what sorta body he is rocking!

Born in Chicago, Illinois in the states on August 5th, 1981, he’s a relationship-kinda guy which means he probably won’t be on the market for us ladies at any point soon, but it doesn’t hurt to dream, does it? He has been with a Real Estate broker called Aryn Drake-Lee for 6 years, married for one of those. In fact, they got married in LA in just September of last year. We wonder how marital bliss is suiting them?

Jesse Williams 2

So there you have the Top 20 Hottest Black Men! What do you think – do you are agree with the list? Are there any that you would want us to take out? Who would you replace them with? They may be controversial from time to time but they certainly are beautiful to look at!

Hope you enjoyed the eye-candy ladies!